Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Leftist radicalization is a disease that incubates in school


This is a long post. If you’re not ready to spend about 20-40 minutes reading it, here’s the tl;dnr version for Facebookers and Twitterers: What’s happening in today’s universities is dangerous, it has happened before, and the Republicans are not the fascists you are looking for.

Get a cup of coffee, turn off the music.


When the National Socialist German Workers' Party came to power in the 1932 elections, one of their first orders of business was the passage of the Law for the Restoration of the Professional Civil Service, which made sweeping changes to civilian public service for everything from federal bureaucrats in Berlin to town dog catcher in Vilseck. Everyone had to become a Nazi if they ever hoped to have a job in the new Reich, and they had to either toe the party line, or…

The entire educational system in the country was caught in that net, including some of the oldest and most classically liberal universities in the world. From these universities flowed influential literature, philosophy, theology and science that had shaped western civilization for centuries. The change was a monumental paradigm shift that contributed in part to the largest conflagration in history.

Peter F. Drucker was an influential Austrian economist and business management pioneer who developed many of the business management concepts that are—for now—still being taught in major western universities. He fled the Nazi regime in 1933 and became a naturalized US citizen in 1943.  From 1931 through 1933, he was an economics lecturer at his alma mater, the University of Frankfurt. Below, he describes the first faculty meeting held at the school after the civil service act went into effect:

Frankfurt was the first university the Nazis tackled, precisely because it was the most self-confidently liberal of major German universities, with a faculty that prided itself on its allegiance to scholarship, freedom of conscience, and democracy. The Nazis knew that control of Frankfurt University would mean control of German academia. And so did everyone at the university.

Above all, Frankfurt had a science faculty distinguished both by its scholarship and by its liberal convictions; and outstanding among the Frankfurt scientists was a biochemist-physiologist of Nobel-Prize caliber and impeccable liberal credentials. When the appointment of a Nazi commissar was announced . . .  every teacher and graduate assistant at the university was summoned to a faculty meeting to hear this new master, everybody knew that a trial of strength was at hand. I had never before attended a faculty meeting, but I did attend this one.

The new Nazi commissar wasted no time on the amenities. He immediately announced that Jews would be forbidden to enter university premises and would be dismissed without salary on March 15; this was something that no one had thought possible despite the Nazis’ loud antisemitism. Then he launched into a tirade of abuse, filth, and four-letter words such as had been heard rarely even in the barracks and never before in academia. . . . [He] pointed his finger at one department chairman after another and said, “You either do what I tell you or we’ll put you into a concentration camp.” There was silence when he finished; everybody waited for the distinguished biochemist-physiologist. The great liberal got up, cleared his throat, and said, “Very interesting, Mr. Commissar, and in some respects very illuminating: but one point I didn’t get too clearly. Will there be more money for research in physiology?"

The meeting broke up shortly thereafter with the commissar assuring the scholars that indeed there would be plenty of money for “racially pure science.” A few of the professors had the courage to walk out with their Jewish colleagues, but most kept a safe distance from these who only a few hours earlier had been their close friends. I went out sick unto death—and I knew that I was going to leave Germany within forty-eight hours.

What followed was a systematic purging of any notion of the free exchange of ideas. Matters once discussed in open, free debate were at once settled. There would be no rebuttal to Nazi ideology on any subject. A famously open university renowned for its cultural influence became a powerful part of the Nazi propaganda machine. “The science was settled.”

In his book, The Closing of the American Mind, University of Chicago professor Allan Bloom describes a process in the American university that began in the late 1950’s and accelerated through the 1960’s. Bloom argues that the changes in the American university have led to a snuffing of debate and critical thinking. Ideas that one may rightly or wrongly judge as abhorrent are no longer defeated by superior science or logic, but by force.

Today, no conservative speaker, lecturer or professor is allowed to step foot on a major university campus without facing angry and often violent protest. Student associations, led and egged on by leftist faculty, will go to almost any means necessary to prevent the sharing of ideas that do not comport to their ideology.

Bloom also draws compelling parallels between what occurred in 1930’s Nazi Germany to what’s occurring today. What may surprise many readers is that Bloom’s book was first published in 1987. What should not surprise anyone is that far left critics reacted to the book as a demon would react to holy water and a cross.

In 1930’s Germany, books by Jewish authors or books with classically liberal ideas were systematically burned by the Deutsche Studentenschaft (German Students' Association) in large ceremonies held in town squares. Today, exactly three copies of Bloom’s book are still available at Harvard University’s Library. Conversely, there are hundreds of copies of Karl Marx’s Das Kapital.

Some people argue that the rise of computer technology, the internet and electronic social media have fundamentally changed modern culture and that any parallel between Nazi Germany’s seizure of university thought and today’s university thought are invalid. This is false.

If anything, technology has only accelerated the propagation of politically correct propaganda. Indoctrination took years before radio and motion pictures. It took months before the advance of the net. It only takes minutes now.

A contemporary of Peter Drucker was Martin Heidegger, who was appointed rector and chancellor of Freiburg University in April 1933. He formally joined the Nazi Party one moth later. Heidegger espoused a policy that held that free expression, dialogue and open debate were selfish, irresponsible and counterproductive. Instead, faculty and students were expected to fulfill their obligation to promote Nazism in both “in both thought and deed.” 

The modern university may be better connected than ever before, but the university is still the place where young minds are taught how to think. If you’re going to appropriate and control how society thinks, school is the place you start.

Sunday, October 28, 2018

Why are Democrats so silent on the caravan marching through Mexico?

181028-migrant-caravan-al-0906_629b8917d31827524d5de50573bf0896.fit-2000wA caravan of some 7,000 Central Americans from El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras is making its way through Mexico.

Democrats are completely silent. Why?

Could it be that a majority of voters want the caravan stopped? Could it also be that a super-majority of Americans believe that our current immigration enforcement is far too lax?

I think it’s both, and I think that the caravan represents an all-at-once display of what Americans rightly believe is happening at our borders. News reports have been showing us trickles of illegal immigrants; numbering in the dozens. A few hundred families separated at the border is uncomfortable. Thousands streaming towards the border is terrifying.

Democrats can’t say, “stop the caravan” because (1) President Donald Trump wants it stopped, (2) Americans overwhelmingly agree with him, (3) there’s an important election approaching and (4) they think agreeing with a Republican President and a majority of voters will kill their chances of winning an election.

Never mind that our border is about to be assaulted by an invasion force. Never mind that allowing it to penetrate this country has long lasting deleterious effects on our sovereignty and safety. Never mind that the invaders really are poor folks trying to reach a better life who have been manipulated by extreme left organizers like pawns on a gameboard.

Human suffering and destabilization of America aren’t important considerations when it comes to seizing power and undoing the 2016 election.

Wednesday, October 24, 2018

No, liberals… The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 was NOT a tax cut for the richest Americans

The Trump Tax Cut was a great big F-YOU to the richest of the rich people in the bluest of the blue liberal states. These are the Hollywood, Silicon Valley, Wall Street and Madison Avenue elites that go out of their way to denigrate you. They call you a deplorable, bitter clinging Bible thumper. They mocked candidate Trump and they despise PRESIDENT Trump.

The sweeping tax cut law was Trump’s way of saying “elections have consequences.” The consequences are that you have more money in your pocket. If you take nothing else away from this post, do take this, and share it.

If you are a Democrat and you repeat the party talking point that the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 (aka, the Trump Tax Cut) only benefits the rich, then you are either lying, or you have been lied to and you are repeating the lie out of blind party loyalty.

I wrote about this in April, shortly after the bill became law and after all of the details of the provisions were unpacked.

In that post, I wrote:

It’s a net tax increase for the wealthiest people in the bluest of states, who have ridden the state and local tax deduction to billions in tax breaks.

While everyone living in states that impose an income tax have enjoyed this deduction--myself included--people living in states like California, Illinois, New Jersey and New York have had it much better. Those states impose truly burdensome taxes on their citizens and their only respite has been that those taxes are deductible at the federal level.

Not anymore.

I’ve gotten some pushback from left-leaning folks on social media and in internet forums, and in day-to-day discussions with friends, colleagues and acquaintances. These misguided souls either don’t believe that a Republican Congress and Republican President would pass a tax cut that doesn’t disproportionately favor the rich, or they know the truth and don’t want anyone else to know what they know.

Those that do know what’s really in the bill are filing lawsuits to stop the tax cuts from serving one of their key purposes—stopping liberal blue states from balancing their bloated budgets on the backs of the average American family. California, Connecticut, Illinois, New Jersey, New York, et al are among the highest tax states in the country. They have been making you pay for their liberal utopias.

Their lawsuits have a laughable basis—that their residents aren’t given equal protection under the law. This basis ignores the fact that their residents were previously granted special status vis-a-vis other states’ residents with low or zero state income taxes. That’s complicated stuff for liberals, but it won’t be too complicated for a conservative Supreme Court.

Are you still unsure? Are you still under the foolish impression that Trump’s Tax Cut soaks the poor and pays the rich?

Would you believe the New York Times? The left’s favorite “paper of record” has an online calculator that you can use to prove it to yourself.

I’ll give you a few examples. A married couple with a combined income of less than $75,000 with two children and living in Alabama will get a $1,420 tax cut. That same couple with an income of $75,000 to $100,000 living in Virginia gets a $1,290 tax cut. They make more money but live in a high tax state, so they don’t get as much, even though they make more.

The same couple with a $750,000+ income living in California? They get a $2,700 increase.

I’m not making this up, sports fans. These are real numbers pulled from a liberal media bastion’s own calculator.

If you see some knucklehead posting “tax cut for the rich!” crap, share this article with them. It will either get them to STFU or change the subject.

Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Finally, a Democrat finds evidence of collusion

James Carville Leave it to James Carville. He’s found evidence so clear and convincing that nothing short of a revolution can right this horrible injustice.

The former Chief Instigator of Clintonista Regime believes that the fix is in—that the officials in the Mississippi State vs LSU game played last Saturday called Tiger star LB Devin White for a targeting penalty after a rough hit on Bulldog QB Nick Fitzgerald in the second half. By rule, the play is reviewed by the SEC and if upheld, the player is ejected for that half and the first half of the next game.

LSU’s next opponent happens to be Alabama, the defending national champion that is currently undefeated and beating opponents by an average score of 54-16. Despite the Crimson Tide juggernaut’s dismemberment of every opponent by halftime, LSU grad Carville thinks that the targeting call on White exposes a corrupt collusion between the Southeastern Conference and Alabama.

Look at the kid from Alabama in the Missouri game multiply slugging a guy, slugging a guy... no penalty. Our guy does nothing wrong, and they suspend him for a half.”

“... It’s time to bust up this little garden party they have in Birmingham. If they don’t want people to think it was collusion, why doesn’t the commissioner say, ‘This was a bad call, I’m not going to suspend somebody for a half on the basis of a bad call.’?”

“Our kid does nothing, puts his hand out in front to avoid a collision and they tell me he has to sit out a half?” Carville started on Finebaum. “... People in Baton Rouge and LSU are sick of the pro-Alabama bias. I’ll tell you one thing, one thing we do have in Louisiana is a lot of good lawyers. ... I want to find out what’s going on in that club in Birmingham.”

Carville elaborated: “It’s detrimental to college football. It’s detrimental to the SEC. The idea that our best player is sitting out a half for nothing while people are slugging people is an outrage. I think Alabama fans ought to be outraged. I think they’d want fair competition. That’s what I really believe.”

Carville’s closing thoughts to Finebaum were: “I literally do not know a single person in Louisiana that doesn’t think the SEC is stacked against us. Not a single one. ... I’m going to be in the student section leading some cheers that will inappropriate for people under 18 to hear. And I’ll probably have some adult beverages."

I honestly don’t think he’s serious, but LSU fans do and the SEC office phone lines haven’t stopped ringing since Carville’s Letter to the Editor in the Baton Rouge Advocate.

Alabama Nation has a sampling of fan meltdowns and the outrage is outrageous. A sampling of the sampling:

Image may contain: text

This pot of Gumbo will simmer for a while—both Alabama and LSU have a bye week and the two teams won’t meet until Saturday, November 3.

LSU fans should remember that in recent history, it’s been Bama on the receiving end of horrible officiating, including a botched interception call in 2011 game against LSU. There was another play in the 2004 game in Baton Rouge where a defender shoved an Alabama player down in the endzone in a clear pass interference, intercepted the pass and killed the Tide’s upset bid.

Most Bama fans would probably rather see White play the whole game and see what the Tide’s offense can do against a very good LSU defense. LSU gave Bama a very good game last year in Tuscaloosa. The outcome of that game was in doubt way too late in the 4th quarter. That unit has improved a bit, but the Bama offense is playing lights out.

Sunday, October 21, 2018

Barring a meteor strike, Bama and Clemson are on a championship collision course.

Saban-SwinneyThe Alabama Crimson Tide and Clemson Tigers are on a completely different plane of existence than the other 128 programs in the Football Bowl Subdivision (FBS). After Georgia and Ohio State showed their mortality against LSU and Purdue(!?) respectively the last two Saturdays, it’s now clear that there are only two Titans left in college football, and they’ve done battle in the College Football Playoff three times before.

Alabama has beaten Clemson twice since the inception of the CFP. Clemson has beaten Alabama once. They have played consecutive years in the postseason and there seems very little standing in the way of a fourth collision in January 2019.

Clemson has feigned mortality twice this season. Once in a home scare against Syracuse. A second time on the road against a not-too-shabby Texas A&M squad. No one else they’ve faced has offered more than token resistance and it’s unlikely that anyone on their schedule has the chops to knock them off.

Alabama looks invincible. The Tide team makes well oiled machines look like clunky, puttering wrecks and has yet to do anything but score on the first possession of their first eight games. Bama’s offensive line stems the Mongol Hordes while QB Tua Tagovailoa picks apart the opposing secondary and the fleet of bowling balls roll through defenseless pins. Bama’s defense started the season with questions about the secondary and after eight games appears to be almost as nasty as the 2011-2012 squad.

Both of these programs have gotten here the right way and the hard way. With a press corps that scrutinizes every move of every player and every coach on every day of their lives. With an NCAA enforcement division that’s never been so well staffed and so well funded. With the 24/7/365 news cycle driven by social media and internet bulletin board chatter.  Alabama and Clemson have as much chance of cheating as a naked Stormy Daniels would sneaking a 38 Special on to Air Force One.

Alabama and Clemson have recruited better, developed better, coached better, scheduled better and just played better for three straight years (four for Bama). No one has been able to stop them from excelling in a sport with rules that are designed to prevent anyone from being better than everyone else over and over and over.

They are winning, and no one can make them stop.

That has the chatterati class whining about the CFP four team playoff and crying for expansion of the field. If they’d just expand the field other teams would have a chance, they say. It’s not about ability, hard work and determination, they say. It’s really about privilege.

Tim Brando isn’t the only idiot playing this tune. The college football talking heads are a perfectly harmonized chorus singing the privilege blues. They sound like a bunch of Democrats who never understand that when you try to soak the privileged, all you do is concentrate more power into the hands of the privileged. If they think the CFP is rigged now, just expand the field to six, eight or ten teams. Go ahead—give the Alabamas, Clemsons, Georgias and Ohio States more victims. They’ll just get to play more games, gain more recruiting exposure, get more postseason practice time and make more money.

More money means the privileged will just recruit better, develop better, coach better, schedule better and … just play better.

This post isn’t a philosophical rant. It’s an acknowledgment of the fact that whatever rules you play the game by, there will always be winners and losers. And the winners are pretty easy to spot pretty early on during the game. Right now, the game’s winners are Alabama and Clemson and there’s no one showing the chops to do anything about it.

Friday, October 19, 2018

What happens if Mueller’s Russia probe finds nothing?

Related imageAnd… from this Politico report, it sounds like Robert Mueller is likely to hand anti-Trumpers a big fat nothingburger. This highly likely outcome is not at all what the left had hoped for when the probe was launched. The left was so convinced that Hillary Clinton would ascend the throne that 2016’s outcome just had to be the result of a grand scheme. Should the special counsel’s report not indict someone, anyone that implicates the President in an impeachable offense, oh my.

And should that report not be made public by Deputy Attorney General Rob Rosenstein, the outcry is going to be epic.

For starters, Mueller isn’t operating under the same ground rules as past high-profile government probes, including the Reagan-era investigation into Iranian arms sale and whether President Bill Clinton lied during a deposition about his extramarital affair with a White House intern. Those examinations worked under the guidelines of a post-Watergate law that expired in 1999 that required investigators to submit findings to Congress if they found impeachable offenses, a mandate that led to Starr’s salacious report that upended Clinton’s second term.

Mueller’s reporting mandate is much different. He must notify his Justice Department supervisor — currently Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein — on his budgeting needs and all “significant events” made by his office, including indictments, guilty pleas and subpoenas.

When Mueller is finished, he must turn in a “confidential report explaining the prosecution or declination decisions” — essentially why he chose to bring charges against some people but not others. His reasoning, according to veterans of such investigations, could be as simple as “there wasn’t enough evidence” to support a winning court case.

Then, it will be up to DOJ leaders to make the politically turbo-charged decision of whether to make Mueller’s report public.

Oh, the temper tantrums.

There’s another link I’d like you to follow, but it’s a tad longer of a read than most Tweeters and Facebookers might be willing to concentrate on. The author describes a category of Democrats and Democrat-leaning folks that I have been calling WHELPs—White, Highly Educated Liberal People.

WHELPs are liberals that don’t like playing by any rules other than their own. They make the rules, and they apply the rules however and whenever they want to (or find them useful) and ignore them whenever they want to (or find them unhelpful). This is anathema to people who subscribe to the rule of law concept.

triggered-feministWHELPs set the rules for the 2016 election. To their shock and horror, Donald Trump broke every single one of those rules and was still sworn in as our 45th President. But they had a mulligan, they thought. They thought that surely, the election was a sham and Mueller would prove it.

Unless he doesn’t. And he won’t. 

So, we can expect a pandemonium of protest when Mueller’s report finds no evidence of an impeachable offense. When the WHELPs learn that there will be no Senate Trial presided by the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court; that President Trump will remain in office until at least January 2020, they will be in the streets. It’s gonna be a hot mess.

I believe that if Mueller had found evidence of high crimes and misdemeanors, he would have followed his mandate and reported them to his superiors already. The left will not get what it wants.

I also believe that the national embarrassment of the Brett Kavanaugh confirmation will be made to look like a kindergarten donnybrook.

These are people who like to make their own rules.  They refuse to live life on terms that are set by someone else and are the same for left and right alike before the game begins. They regard any outcome short of total victory under such terms to be illegitimate.

Fortunately, elections and courts of law are conducted by rules set by mature, (usually) rational adults. While impeachment is a political process, it is one that already has a set of rules prescribed by the Constitution. It even has precedents. This game is not played by WHELP rules.

WHELPs are fortunately a minority of a minority. They nonetheless make the most noise and cause the most trouble and they are their noisiest and most troublesome when the game doesn’t go their way. This one probably won’t, just like 2016. Just like Kavanaugh.

Thursday, October 18, 2018

Poor Jeremy Pruitt: Vols have the want to, but don’t have the can do

Image result for saban cigarExpect Tennessee fans to be fired up when Alabama pays a visit to Neyland Stadium Saturday afternoon. Expect that moment of optimism to last until CBS’ first commercial break. The Vols have absolutely no chance of scoring another upset and claiming a win against the Tide.

There’s a bit of a creepy backstory to this year’s game. Phil Fulmer dragged himself out of retirement last summer as a “special assistant to the university President and immediately began his characteristic manipulations of the power structure. Surprising no one, he seized control of the UT Athletic Department last December. Reports have him literally breathing down Pruitt’s neck. He no doubt has had this date circled since seizing control of the  Alabama’s re-ascendance to the top of the College Football pantheon was an eventuality that Fulmer desperately sought to head off through his direct involvement with the Albert Means recruiting scandal in 2000.

It bears noting that Jeremy Pruitt is an Alabama grad. He played for Bama in 1995 and 1996, and learned the defensive side of the ball from legendary defensive coach Bill Oliver. He is also a disciple of Nick Saban’s 3-4 Over/Under defense, having coached under Saban off and on since 2010. He is widely regarded as one of the best defensive minds in college football and, if Fulmer will just gtf out of his way, he could reestablish Tennessee as an SEC and national powerhouse.

Enough backstory.

The Alabama offense leads the nation in almost every noteworthy category, and even at half-speed Tua Tagavailoa is too much for an already thin Tennessee defense that will come in shorthanded due to an injury and a forced suspension.

Expect Alabama to get back into the 50-point neighborhood.

Tennessee has a good quarterback itself in Jarrett Guarantano, and he has a group of receivers who could play for Bama on any given Saturday. What they lack are legitimate every down ball carriers and an offensive line for the kind of offense Jeremy Pruitt wants to run. Tennessee won’t run the ball well against Bama and a one dimensional offense spells a long afternoon against a big, deep and physical Tide defense.

Tennessee also has a decent defense, though it’s not built yet for a thoroughbred 3-4 O/U. They are too thin, undersized and still have a lot of learning to do. I expect the Vols to cede ground and stick to mostly nickel and dime zones to keep Tua from hitting deep balls. The hope is that they get a turnover or two, keep the crowd in the game and hope Alabama makes road mistakes.

So how did Tennessee go down to Auburn and spank the boogs? There is a strong sense that Pruitt quickly deciphered Auburn’s playbooks on both sides of the ball, and called the plays before Auburn even lined up. Attaboy, Jeremy. 

If there’s one weakness on the Alabama side, it’s… special teams. We suck at punting, field goals and extra points, and that’s probably not gonna get better anytime soon. While it could make a difference in post-season play, it can only be an annoyance this Third Saturday in October.

This is CBS’ Game of the Week, meaning that a national audience will get to see a systematic dismemberment of a young, thin and growing Tennessee squad. Alabama could name its score here, but Master Saban won’t thoroughly embarrass his promising Padawan.

Alabama 56, Tennessee 6

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Democrat anger grows as Honduran refugees’ march takes too long to reach U.S.

imageA fresh new wave of Central American immigrants has just crossed the Guatemalan border on their way to seek asylum in the United States. The development comes as Democrat officials express anger and frustration at the slow pace of the caravan.

“They started their journey too late, and they’re taking too long,” said one Democrat National Committee Member who asked not to be named. “The midterm election is only three weeks away, and they still have about 1,000 miles to go.”

“We’re going to have a hard time getting them all to the right checkpoints,” said another unnamed Democrat communications strategist.  “Certain checkpoints are better than others because they have better camera angles and create the best optics for the last advertisements we intend to run just before November 6.“

Democrats are watching summer poll leads evaporate after they overplayed their hand in dragging out the Brent Kavanaugh Supreme Court confirmation process. They believe images of refugee women and children crying will tug at enough American heartstrings to give them the election boost needed to take control of the House of Representatives and Senate.

“We actually gave the caravan organizers more than enough time to get their people moving soon enough to get here in time for the refugees to vote in Texas and Arizona, but those lazy sots waited weeks to get on the road and get here by Halloween. This was a big, expensive effort to sway the election,” said the DNC member.

“This refugee delay probably cost us the Senate,” said the strategist. “And it could cost us the House too, if they don’t get a move on.”

Republicans declined comment on the record when asked about their opponents’ plan to use the refugees as campaign material. “We have no words,” said a White House officials.

Not only is Doug Jones a party hack, he’s not a very smart one

DougJonesLast week, the Junior Senator from Alabama appeared on Alabama Public Television and figuratively wagged his finger at Alabama voters. He was again asked about his vote in the Democrats’ Brent Kavanaugh debacle and doubled down on his “I know better than you” defense of his “no” vote.

“We were looking at it to determine his record, what he’s said, what he’s done, what we believe he could do, look at his qualifications, as well as his temperament and other issues to determine whether or not this man should be on the United States Supreme Court.”

In other words: “We don’t GAF what Alabamians think. We know what’s best for the Court and we’re gonna do what we’re gonna do.”

If current trends hold, Republicans stand a good chance of holding control of both the House of Representatives and the Senate, putting Jones’ grip on his own seat at risk. A Republicans Senate majority will continue to pass more of President Donald Trump’s agenda. Jones must run for reelection after being all but forced by Democrat leadership to dig in against the GOP agenda. The Kavanaugh vote was his biggest opportunity to keep his pledge to put country before party, and he punted.

Former President Bill Clinton was a Democrat that knew how to play ball. He was a gifted politician who embraced the triangulation strategy, which calls for adopting the parts of both political parties agenda that appealed to the most voters. He knew he could count on his base for support. All he had to do was peel off enough center-right independents to remain in office on election day.

Jones isn’t half the politician Clinton was.

Had he a lick of sense, Jones would have sensed the will of his electorate and voted to confirm Kavanaugh. That could have put him at odds with his base, but the effect would have been negated in part by the votes of Maine’s Susan Collins and West Virginia’s Joe Manchin. Manchin is a Democrat, and smartly saw the public’s view in his home state. Collins is a pro-choice Republican but who saw that Kavanaugh was well qualified even if she differed from him ideologically. He could very easily have defended his vote by explaining that while he had unanswered questions about the nominee he was willing to listen to the voice of his constituency. He could even argue that his vote really didn’t matter since Kavanaugh was going to be confirmed anyway. Either or both arguments could have given him enough cover to triangulate. All he had to do was agree with liberals that Kavanaugh was too conservative for the Kennedy seat but argue that Alabama wants him seated and the voters’ voices count more than a party diktat.

But he’s not that smart.

Jones hopes that Alabama voters will forget his finger-wagging over the Kavanaugh confirmation.  That’s not smart, either.

Monday, October 15, 2018

Drudge: Trolling Democrats since 1995


Actually, the headline is not fair. Matt and Charles have been trolling everyone since 1995. Democrats are just much easier.

Sunday, October 14, 2018

Tennessee Week: Us vs Y’all

imageHere we go again. This time, the calendar is right.

Alabama plays Tennessee at Neyland Stadium on Saturday, 20 October 2018.

This is absolutely one of the most intense and storied rivalries in SEC and college football history. For many Alabama fans, Tennessee is the most despised rival, even over that thing we have on the last regular season game of every year. For many Tennessee fans, this rivalry’s intensity exceeds the one they have with Florida.

On the field, Tennessee has beaten Alabama 37 times. No other team on the planet can claim 37 victories against Alabama.

Tennessee has 13 SEC Championships. No other school in the league is as close to Alabama’s 25.

Beginning in 1995 with Peyton Manning as a sophomore leading the band in that absolutely awful Rocky Top song in Knoxville, Tennessee ran off a streak of seven straight victories in the series. No team in the SEC has ever beaten Alabama seven straight times and it may not ever happen again. Tennessee rightfully claims six National Championships. No other team in the SEC is as close as Alabama’s 16.

These are the two marquee programs of SEC Football lore. These are the two flagships. Florida may have more fans and more TV viewers. Georgia, too. But no two programs have done more on the field than Alabama and Tennessee. Nobody. No two programs can claim head coaching legends like Paul W. Bryant and General Robert Neyland.

Neyland said: “You never know what a football player is made of until he plays against Alabama.”

Bryant said: “Yeah, Auburn’s got a pretty good team but Tennessee is the one you gotta look out for.”

It’s 11 decades of college football at its finest and most intense.

Early in the series and up until the advent of televised football games, both teams wore their home colors. Tennessee in their bright Orange; Alabama in their deep Crimson. What better symbol of Autumn could there be than seeing these two line up against each other like that?

One of my earliest football memories was listening to the 1972 game on the patio with my father. Bama was down 10-3 late in the fourth quarter due to a very stout Tennessee defense. But the Tide somehow managed to score two touchdowns in under two minutes and pulled out a 17-10 victory. Bama play-by-play announcer John Forney was nearly unintelligible as the final seconds ran off the clock, but my father’s grin as he pulled out the Victory Cigar was all I needed to be told—beating Tennessee is special.

It’s the Third Saturday in October.

It’s Us vs Y’all.

Thursday, October 11, 2018

Is Mizzou a ‘trap’ game for Alabama?

Image result for alabama footballI’m just looking under the hood at a not-to-shabby Missouri offense coming in to face a suddenly vulnerable defensive secondary. The backfield that was already young and already showing it against the not-to-shabby offenses of Texas A&M and Arkansas needs growth. If you watched those games, you saw a lot of guys running around in the open field. There have been a few costly injuries too, but the loss of Trevon Diggs is going to hurt. Some guys are gonna need to step up back there. But I am not suggesting that Alabama will lose to Missouri at home this Saturday.

Missouri has what could be an NFL starter at quarterback someday. Drew Lock doesn’t have stellar numbers. He’s just under 60% completion-wise and has a blue collar-ish 137.7 QB rating. But he is a fourth year senior, he’s a good athlete and has a John Elway, Brett Favre hellwithit attitude. He’s also playing behind one of the SEC’s better pass blocking offensive lines. Missouri may be a 3-2 team, but their losses were to Georgia and South Carolina, and they put up 29 and 35 points respectively.

Alabama’s offense almost couldn’t get any better. That is a historic statement, y’all.  Tua Tagovailoa has been unearthly in his first year as a starter. He has a fleet of receivers to throw to, and he’s been spreading it around like a Democrat on election day. The guy had more touchdowns than incompletions against Arkansas. Alabama has averaged 56 points per game through the first six outings, and Tua hasn’t taken a single 4th quarter snap since 2nd and 26 in overtime against Georgia in the National Championship Game last January.

Forget any notion that Alabama’s front seven is vulnerable, porous, suspect or any other adjective meaning “less than capable.” It’s one of the meanest bunches that Bama has fielded since the 2011-12 teams. Besides, Mizzou throws first and runs later, just like the Big 12 teams they left to join the SEC. In fact, handing the ball off to a running back is almost a trick play for them.

So no, I am not suggesting that Mizzou notches the upset. I am suggesting that this game will be a tougher row to hoe than we’ve seen yet this season, and that Bama’s Heisman favorite QB may need to see some action late Saturday night.

Bama still wins it.

Alabama 49, Missouri 33

Kanye West in the White House, and it’s magic

imageMusic mogul Kanye West visited President Donald Trump in the White House today, and it was ‘winning,’ y’all.

Two things: One: When was the last time you saw a President sit and listen while another man talked? I didn’t hear President Trump’s voice until more than six minutes into this clip. Two: When was the last time a President listen to a black man like this? Not just sit quietly while his guest spoke, but listen intently. Look at Trump’s face. The man is listening.

This is how dialog begins. You don’t have to agree with everything another man or woman says. But if you’re going to work with people you then have to listen to them. How can you find common ground with anyone if you don’t know where he stands?

One other note: Ronald Reagan won two terms by going around the media’s Maginot Line and speaking directly to the American people, and he also won working class Democrats. Trump speaks directly to the people, and if he’s able to win open-minded minority voters like Kanye, look out.

This video needs no more commentary from me. Just watch and listen (there is some NSFW language).

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

On the Democrats’ Kavanaugh Debacle, Doug Jones didn’t care what his constituents wanted.

Image result for doug jones alabamaYellowhammer News had this piece last weekend, just before Alabama’s Junior Senator Doug Jones followed the party line and vote “No” in the Roll Call vote on Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation to the United States’ Supreme Court.

On CNN “New Day, “Jones was asked point blank if he thought a majority of his constituents wanted him to vote to confirm. His response shocks absolutely no one.

The key exchange comes at about the 4:18 mark in the roughly 5:00 segment. The full segment is interesting. Give the host some credit for setting a surprisingly unbiased stage for Jones, but notice that Jones completely evades any and all direct questions from the host.

Jones is evasive on the very first question and tries his best to act as if he is sad about the climate that his own party created. Remember, Jones is the only sitting Democrat elected in a statewide election in Alabama. As far as Alabamians are concerned, he is the Democrat Party in this state. He is the party’s lone standard bearer in the Yellowhammer State and he just hates to see such bitterness and turmoil?

More on how he could have changed his party’s image below the clip.

He voted “no,” because he “was the one who spent all the time and hours…” researching Kavanaugh’s record. Before saying that, he dismissed the high probability that Alabamians approved of Kavanaugh’s confirmation, saying that the majority opinion of Alabama voters was not the “be all and end all” of this process.

Gentle readers, this is liberal groupthink through and through. Though he does not say it outright, the message conveyed in these two statements is clear: “The voters I represent are not qualified or capable of evaluating the merits of this nominee. I have done that for you, and I will do what I think is best, whether you like it or not.”

This is why Alabamians generally don’t like Democrats. We’re just fine thinking for ourselves, sir.

Had Jones’ office even bothered to consider Alabamians’ opinions on the nomination, he would have paused. He would most assuredly have found that at least a plurality—if not a clear majority—wanted Kavanaugh confirmed. And had he done so, he could have ended the national nightmare that lasted from Sept 27 through October 6. If you watched the news or followed events of those nine days online, you saw American politics at its ugliest. If you have small children, you had to hide their eyes and ears from the evening news and no parent should have to do that.

That whole hot mess could have been avoided if Jones had simply issued a statement that read:

“I have considered the testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee. I have reviewed Judge Kavanaugh’s record and qualifications. I have considered the voices of my constituents. While I have concerns about Judge Kavanaugh’s positions on some matters, I cannot find any evidence that disqualifies this nominee. Accordingly, I will heed the wishes of my constituents and I will vote to confirm Judge Kavanaugh.

Jones voted against Kavanaugh because Chuck Schumer told him to. The allegedly centrist independent toed the party line and made up a lousy excuse for it. Instead of taking his first opportunity to display his Maverick bona fides and buck party loyalty, he caved to the Democrat mob and followed orders.

Alabama voters have very long memories. The national political circus will move on to about 63,096 different topics between now and November 2020.  We won’t. We will remember that we gave Doug Jones a chance to be the independent he claimed to be and failed at the first chance he had.

Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Senator Fail: Doug Jones’ task force couldn’t find serial bomber Eric Rudolph for FIVE YEARS.

DougJonesFrom early 1998 through early 2003, Eric Rudolph’s elusiveness was a running joke. It was a lot like Saturday Night Live (when SNL was still funny and relevant) and the Weekend Update report that Spanish strongman Generalissimo Francisco Franco was ‘still dead.’

What Rudolph did was not funny. He planted bombs in Atlanta and Birmingham, targeting abortion clinics gay bars and the 1996 Olympics. But the federal task force set up to capture him was a Keystone Kops affair that failed miserably in its efforts to bring him in.

That task force of local, state and federal law enforcement was headed up by none other than the junior Senator from the state of Alabama.

President Bill Clinton appointed Jones as the US Attorney for the Northern District of Alabama in August 1997. He became point man for the task force in 1998.

Image result for eric rudolph capturedFor the next five years, Rudolph successfully evaded capture. He wasn’t caught until May 2003 when a rookie cop in a small town in North Carolina saw a bum rummaging through garbage for breakfast. Five years. Millions of federal dollars. And it took the sharp eye of a 21-year old Barney Fife to bring him in.

When Jones ran in the 2017 special election to fill the seat left by former Senator and eventual Attorney General Jeff Sessions, President Donald Trump correctly labeled him as ‘soft on crime.’ Local and national media raced to his defense and gave him all the bandwidth and column inches he needed to talk about his ‘record as a prosecutor.’

But no one asked about his miserable role in the task force that couldn’t find just one man. One man who had no outside help, no money, no job, no nothing. That one man was atop the FBI’s Most Wanted List for five years and had a $1 million bounty on his head.

Ask him today why a former federal prosecutor sits on exactly zero Senate committees with responsibility for law enforcement. Ask him why he has sponsored exactly zero Senate bills on the issues of crime and law enforcement.

He won’t answer because the one opportunity he had as a federal prosecutor came up empty. For five years.

Monday, October 8, 2018

“Chuck Schumer, name one person on this list that you think is acceptable.”

Democrats may have wrecked their chances for House control

Image result for michael avenattiA heartfelt thank you to creepy porn lawyer Michael Avenatti. For he has blessed President. Donald. Trump. in ways he never imagined.

If Democrats fail to win control of at least one house of Congress in the 2018 midterms, it will be because they overplayed a bad hand in the Brett Kavanaugh Confirmation Debacle. And Avenatti held the losing hole cards.

Historically, the party not in control of the White House loses a significant number of Congressional seats in midterm elections. It has been a traditional means for the electorate to communicate that executive overreach will not be tolerated. But when the party out of power itself overreaches—as it did with their Kavanaugh Debacle—history rewards the aggrieved.

Currently, The RCP Average generic ballot poll has the Dems with a +6.6 advantage. Due to the geographic advantage Republicans have owned since the bloody red waves of 2010 and 2014, this translates into a dead heat. At no time since January of this year have Democrats enjoyed a +10.0 advantage, a number that has typically signaled a midterm Congressional turnover for Democrats (see 2006 for example).

Democrats can thank ex-President Obama for this—the midterms of 2010 and 2014 destroyed the state and local power and infrastructure that used to be their advantage in get-out-the-vote operations. That apparatus is in control of the GOP now. The short analysis is that if the Democrats want to wrest control of gavels and committees on Capitol Hill, they will need a repeat of 2004, and today’s polls say that ain’t happening, y’all.

Had Democrats gagged the creepy porn lawyer and told him “nay, thou shalt NOT pile on with even more ridiculous allegations,” Christine Blasey-Ford may have successfully derailed Brett Kavanaugh’s ascension to SCOTUS.

They didn’t, and look what’s happening now.

Sunday, October 7, 2018

Congratulations to Justice Kavanaugh. And shame on Senator Doug Jones

[KavanaughOath%5B2%5D]Congratulations to Associate Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

Doug Jones should be ashamed.

On Saturday, October 6, 2018, Judge Kavanaugh was confirmed by the United States Senate to the Supreme Court. He becomes the 114th Associate Justice in the history of the highest Court in the country. He replaces retiring Associate Justice Anthony Kennedy.

Kavanaugh was appointed by President Donald Trump on July 9 and toiled through a bitterly partisan vetting process and confirmation hearings. He was accused of vile sexual assaults by people that he didn’t even know and probably never met. They trotted out bare allegations with no supporting evidence, no witnesses, no nuttin’.  It was a confirmation process that shouldn’t have happened.

Jones didn’t agree to meet with then Judge Kavanaugh until he was hounded by the media and Alabama voters, inventing an excuse that he wanted to see his performance in “the hearings” first. That was bullshit—Jones was never going to be a Yes vote for confirmation and had no reason to meet with a man that he was never going to support.

Jones also repeated a lie he propagated throughout 2017’s special election campaign—that he was an independent voice and would not toe a party line. Jones isn’t an independent. He’s the Senator with the lowest seniority rank in a minority Senate conference run by Chuck Schumer. What Schumer says, Jones does. He’s a buck private in Schumer’s army of thugs.

DougJonesDoug Jones did nothing to stop his “colleagues” or warn them that such partisan character assassinations are beneath the United States Senate—the world’s most deliberative and collegial legislative body. Their tactics were totally out of bounds in the advice and consent role Jones was elected to fulfill.

The Democrats made it clear that they would stop Brett Kavanaugh’s ascension to the Nation’s highest court.  On the very same day that President Trump announced Judge Kavanaugh as his Supreme Court nominee, Schumer promised to “oppose Judge Kavanaugh’s nomination with everything I have.”  When he said everything, he meant letting his fellow Democrats assault the character and reputation of an accomplished jurist who has done more to advance the role of women in the judiciary than any other Judge on his Court. It also meant making sure that little man Jones stayed in his place and kept his mouth shut as a national disgrace played out before us.

As an Alabamian, I was horrified.

Jones may object, pleading that there was nothing he could do.  That is another bare faced lie.

Jones could have put a quick end to the whole embarrassing and divisive confirmation by saying, “I have listened to my constituents and I have evaluated the Judge’s qualifications. I will vote to confirm Brett Kavanaugh.”

Jones turned his back on Alabama. He turned a deaf ear to the people of this state, and their representatives in Montgomery and Washington, DC.  By a nearly two-to-one ratio, Alabamians supported Kavanaugh’s confirmation. Every elected leader from the state supported his confirmation. Senator Richard Shelby—who met with Kavanaugh very early in the confirmation process—strongly supported the nomination and proudly voted for it.

Jones voted against it, along with all but one honorable Democrat—Joe Manchin of West Virginia. Jones also stayed silent as his fellow Democrat henchmen tried to make Judge Kavanaugh out to be a serial sexual predator. Despite his fellow thugs’ best effort, Kavanaugh was confirmed by a 50-48 vote.

The Court will survive this mess, just as it has survived the 1991 “high tech lynching” of Justice Clarence Thomas.

Jones should be absolutely ashamed of himself.