Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Finally, a Democrat finds evidence of collusion

James Carville Leave it to James Carville. He’s found evidence so clear and convincing that nothing short of a revolution can right this horrible injustice.

The former Chief Instigator of Clintonista Regime believes that the fix is in—that the officials in the Mississippi State vs LSU game played last Saturday called Tiger star LB Devin White for a targeting penalty after a rough hit on Bulldog QB Nick Fitzgerald in the second half. By rule, the play is reviewed by the SEC and if upheld, the player is ejected for that half and the first half of the next game.

LSU’s next opponent happens to be Alabama, the defending national champion that is currently undefeated and beating opponents by an average score of 54-16. Despite the Crimson Tide juggernaut’s dismemberment of every opponent by halftime, LSU grad Carville thinks that the targeting call on White exposes a corrupt collusion between the Southeastern Conference and Alabama.

Look at the kid from Alabama in the Missouri game multiply slugging a guy, slugging a guy... no penalty. Our guy does nothing wrong, and they suspend him for a half.”

“... It’s time to bust up this little garden party they have in Birmingham. If they don’t want people to think it was collusion, why doesn’t the commissioner say, ‘This was a bad call, I’m not going to suspend somebody for a half on the basis of a bad call.’?”

“Our kid does nothing, puts his hand out in front to avoid a collision and they tell me he has to sit out a half?” Carville started on Finebaum. “... People in Baton Rouge and LSU are sick of the pro-Alabama bias. I’ll tell you one thing, one thing we do have in Louisiana is a lot of good lawyers. ... I want to find out what’s going on in that club in Birmingham.”

Carville elaborated: “It’s detrimental to college football. It’s detrimental to the SEC. The idea that our best player is sitting out a half for nothing while people are slugging people is an outrage. I think Alabama fans ought to be outraged. I think they’d want fair competition. That’s what I really believe.”

Carville’s closing thoughts to Finebaum were: “I literally do not know a single person in Louisiana that doesn’t think the SEC is stacked against us. Not a single one. ... I’m going to be in the student section leading some cheers that will inappropriate for people under 18 to hear. And I’ll probably have some adult beverages."

I honestly don’t think he’s serious, but LSU fans do and the SEC office phone lines haven’t stopped ringing since Carville’s Letter to the Editor in the Baton Rouge Advocate.

Alabama Nation has a sampling of fan meltdowns and the outrage is outrageous. A sampling of the sampling:

Image may contain: text

This pot of Gumbo will simmer for a while—both Alabama and LSU have a bye week and the two teams won’t meet until Saturday, November 3.

LSU fans should remember that in recent history, it’s been Bama on the receiving end of horrible officiating, including a botched interception call in 2011 game against LSU. There was another play in the 2004 game in Baton Rouge where a defender shoved an Alabama player down in the endzone in a clear pass interference, intercepted the pass and killed the Tide’s upset bid.

Most Bama fans would probably rather see White play the whole game and see what the Tide’s offense can do against a very good LSU defense. LSU gave Bama a very good game last year in Tuscaloosa. The outcome of that game was in doubt way too late in the 4th quarter. That unit has improved a bit, but the Bama offense is playing lights out.


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