Thursday, October 11, 2018

Kanye West in the White House, and it’s magic

imageMusic mogul Kanye West visited President Donald Trump in the White House today, and it was ‘winning,’ y’all.

Two things: One: When was the last time you saw a President sit and listen while another man talked? I didn’t hear President Trump’s voice until more than six minutes into this clip. Two: When was the last time a President listen to a black man like this? Not just sit quietly while his guest spoke, but listen intently. Look at Trump’s face. The man is listening.

This is how dialog begins. You don’t have to agree with everything another man or woman says. But if you’re going to work with people you then have to listen to them. How can you find common ground with anyone if you don’t know where he stands?

One other note: Ronald Reagan won two terms by going around the media’s Maginot Line and speaking directly to the American people, and he also won working class Democrats. Trump speaks directly to the people, and if he’s able to win open-minded minority voters like Kanye, look out.

This video needs no more commentary from me. Just watch and listen (there is some NSFW language).


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