Thursday, October 11, 2018

Is Mizzou a ‘trap’ game for Alabama?

Image result for alabama footballI’m just looking under the hood at a not-to-shabby Missouri offense coming in to face a suddenly vulnerable defensive secondary. The backfield that was already young and already showing it against the not-to-shabby offenses of Texas A&M and Arkansas needs growth. If you watched those games, you saw a lot of guys running around in the open field. There have been a few costly injuries too, but the loss of Trevon Diggs is going to hurt. Some guys are gonna need to step up back there. But I am not suggesting that Alabama will lose to Missouri at home this Saturday.

Missouri has what could be an NFL starter at quarterback someday. Drew Lock doesn’t have stellar numbers. He’s just under 60% completion-wise and has a blue collar-ish 137.7 QB rating. But he is a fourth year senior, he’s a good athlete and has a John Elway, Brett Favre hellwithit attitude. He’s also playing behind one of the SEC’s better pass blocking offensive lines. Missouri may be a 3-2 team, but their losses were to Georgia and South Carolina, and they put up 29 and 35 points respectively.

Alabama’s offense almost couldn’t get any better. That is a historic statement, y’all.  Tua Tagovailoa has been unearthly in his first year as a starter. He has a fleet of receivers to throw to, and he’s been spreading it around like a Democrat on election day. The guy had more touchdowns than incompletions against Arkansas. Alabama has averaged 56 points per game through the first six outings, and Tua hasn’t taken a single 4th quarter snap since 2nd and 26 in overtime against Georgia in the National Championship Game last January.

Forget any notion that Alabama’s front seven is vulnerable, porous, suspect or any other adjective meaning “less than capable.” It’s one of the meanest bunches that Bama has fielded since the 2011-12 teams. Besides, Mizzou throws first and runs later, just like the Big 12 teams they left to join the SEC. In fact, handing the ball off to a running back is almost a trick play for them.

So no, I am not suggesting that Mizzou notches the upset. I am suggesting that this game will be a tougher row to hoe than we’ve seen yet this season, and that Bama’s Heisman favorite QB may need to see some action late Saturday night.

Bama still wins it.

Alabama 49, Missouri 33


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