Sunday, October 28, 2018

Why are Democrats so silent on the caravan marching through Mexico? caravan of some 7,000 Central Americans from El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras is making its way through Mexico.

Democrats are completely silent. Why?

Could it be that a majority of voters want the caravan stopped? Could it also be that a super-majority of Americans believe that our current immigration enforcement is far too lax?

I think it’s both, and I think that the caravan represents an all-at-once display of what Americans rightly believe is happening at our borders. News reports have been showing us trickles of illegal immigrants; numbering in the dozens. A few hundred families separated at the border is uncomfortable. Thousands streaming towards the border is terrifying.

Democrats can’t say, “stop the caravan” because (1) President Donald Trump wants it stopped, (2) Americans overwhelmingly agree with him, (3) there’s an important election approaching and (4) they think agreeing with a Republican President and a majority of voters will kill their chances of winning an election.

Never mind that our border is about to be assaulted by an invasion force. Never mind that allowing it to penetrate this country has long lasting deleterious effects on our sovereignty and safety. Never mind that the invaders really are poor folks trying to reach a better life who have been manipulated by extreme left organizers like pawns on a gameboard.

Human suffering and destabilization of America aren’t important considerations when it comes to seizing power and undoing the 2016 election.


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