Friday, June 28, 2013

Morning Six Pack: June 28 and 64 days until REAL football Friday! You know you want it. Six new college football stories from around the country, with lots of SEC flair and flavor.

ACL rehab behind him, OL Bradley Bozeman ready to be a 'monster' for Tide

Bozeman moved to Birmingham this summer to be closer to his personal trainer and is currently going through strength and endurance workouts.

Jeff Foxworthy spotted in Auburn gear

Jeff Foxworthy was spotted in Auburn Tiger gear today at Camp War Eagle. Foxworthy is known for his one liners that start with “You might be a redneck.”

Vols commit Wharton's hardest sell on UT might be teammate

As good of a football player as Vic Wharton III has been over the past three seasons, the versatile Independence standout also has exhibited some solid recruiting abilities since becoming the first member of the 2014 class to commit to Tennessee under Butch Jones.

QB Connor Shaw: Diving in June, surging in September?

South Carolina quarterback Connor Shaw has recovered well enough to go skydiving recently.

Southern Miss spokesman: Damon Evans won't be Golden Eagles' next AD

Former Georgia athletic director Damon Evans is not a candidate for the same position at Southern Miss, a school spokesman said Thursday.


Well, let me begin with a story from my own college experience. Like Manziel, I had a car in college (admittedly, not a Mercedes). And like Manziel, I got a few parking tickets. Everyone who has ever spent any time on a college campus knows there are no bigger sticklers for rules and regulations than campus meter maids. Well, let's just say my diligence about paying them became a bit more lax as I got closer to graduation because, really, what did it matter at that point? As it turns out, it mattered enough that the school stuck the tickets on my final tuition bill, which of course needed to be paid in full before I walked at graduation. I don't remember my reaction. I was probably more amused than angry. But I do know this: If Twitter had existed in 1998, there's a very good chance I would have tweeted about this little nugget. And considering I was 22 and not yet employed by a major media organization (or any employer, for that matter), it's quite likely my tweets would have lacked the same filter my more measured 37-year-old self employs.

I've only met Manziel once. He was pleasant and engaging. Perhaps I caught him on a good day and he's actually an egomaniacal punk when the recorder is off. I couldn't tell you. The real question is this: Are we really sure "many other football stars have been in this exact situation and have handled it a lot classier than he has?" Or is it possible that many previous stars were just as naïve or immature -- if not more so -- but their off-field lives didn't unfold in real time? Prior to the past few years, the only glimpse the public got into any college athlete's personality came through media interviews -- most of which take place in carefully controlled settings chosen by protective school public relations handlers. Now, thanks to Facebook and Twitter, we're seeing what some of these stars are really like when the cameras aren't running, and we're finding out -- shocker -- that they act like college kids. Manziel is the most prominent athlete to share as much information as he does, and that tendency has certainly backfired on him a few times. Is that "a case of his ego being out of hand?" Possibly. But I'd be willing to bet that plenty of other former Heisman winners would have gotten themselves into hot water had Twitter existed during their day.

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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Morning Six Pack: June 27, 2013 and 65 days until kickass Thursday starts with a another round on that horse you fell off of last night. Soldier, climb back on…

Q&A with Amanda Pflugrad of Total College Sports

Every summer the Capstone Report interviews journalists covering college football. This summer we have the pleasure to present a Q&A with Amanda Pflugrad.

Analysis: After mistake, Oregon followed right protocol

The Oregon football team's NCAA sanctions are long on symbolism but not long on severity.

Even when rebuilding, LSU football is must watch in 2013

LSU football is at its best with a degree of uncertainty. I mean, come on, Les Miles screams uncertainty. You’re never even certain as to what the heck Miles is even talking about when he opens his mouth. It’s awesome.

Five returning players to watch this season for Troy's football team

Quarterbacks Corey Robinson, Deon Anthony lead the list of players expected to play a key role fore the Trojans this season.

Terps lose four-star OL signee to academics

Throughout the offseason, especially as spring bleeds into summer, one of a coach’s biggest worries is a player stepping across the legal line off the field.


Two Oregon staff members, an assistant coach and the director of football operations, were aware that Lyles was helping the Ducks recruit as they became the dominant college football program on the West Coast.

Wait. It gets better.

Lyles' relationship with Oregon began when he contacted Kelly, then the Oregon offensive coordinator, and identified himself as "an employee of a recruiting service." A year later, Lyles was traveling with Kelly on high school visits to evaluate prospects.

That's right. A street agent was walking into high schools with a head coach in waiting, and the growing relationship between Lyles and Oregon was working. Some of the prospects he mentored were signing with the Ducks.

The tailback James, Lyles' prize protege, helped Oregon win three straight Pac-12 championships and reach two Rose Bowls and a BCS Championship Game, where the Ducks came up three points short against Auburn.

So the crimes of improper use of recruiting services and failure to monitor by both the university and the head coach, among other violations, worked. They paid off in victories, conference titles and BCS bowl trips. And yet the Infractions Committee didn't strip Oregon of any victories or issue a bowl ban, allowing the Duck Dynasty under new head coach Mark Helfrich to continue.

Imagine. The committee had a high-profile program and a highly effective third-party recruiter working together and prospering. Oh, and Oregon was considered a repeat violator under NCAA legislation.

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Morning Six Pack: June 17, 2013 and 75 days until kickoff! that Monday hangover with six fresh, cool and clear college football stories from around the country (with a strong SEC flavor).

Manziel 'can't wait to leave' College Station

The Twitter account of Texas A&M Aggies sophomore quarterback Johnny Manziel has made news before. [The dude is a walking circus]

Tide lands commitment from Cincinnati WR Derek Kief

A consensus four-star prospect among the major recruiting services, Kief is rated the nation's No. 21 wide receiver prospect by 247Sports.

Pulling ‘you know who I am?’ card, starting Gator LB arrested after punching bouncer

Allegedly. Following an incident early Sunday, and according to multiple media outlets, Florida’s Antonio Morrison was arrested and charged with first-degree simple battery (a misdemeanor) after allegedly punching a bouncing at a Gainesville drinking establishment.

Mississippi State finds its replacement for Sandberg

The Bulldogs get a commitment from Georgia quarterback Staley.

Officiating coordinators: Eliminating dangerous college football hits is necessary

Big Ten coordinator Bill Carollo: "Pretty soon we're going to get sued and tied up in injuries and health issues versus football. We're trying to be very proactive and show some leadership."


And then there is Dylan Moses, a running back from Baton Rouge, La. He’s already received scholarship offers from at least eight top-tier programs, including Alabama, LSU and Texas, even though he has yet to start high school classes.

Isn’t this a bit absurd, folks? Even with the proliferation of what amounts to scouting combines for young athletes, can you really project 13- and 14-year-olds into college football uniforms? These kids have barely graduated from Happy Meals at McDonald’s. What’s the rush?

It’s a sign of the times. We’re always looking for the next big thing, even when, as in the case of the 13-year-old Brents, the next big thing is 5-foot-8 and 152 pounds. We keep trending younger, for better or worse. And I think it’s worse.

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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Morning Six Pack: June 25, 2013 and only 67 days until Bama football fresh college football stories from around the country, with a strong hint of SEC flavor.

Alabama's Amari Cooper, C.J. Mosley tabbed as Lindy's Sports 1st-team preseason All-Americans

There isn't a college football magazine higher on Alabama wide receiver Amari Cooper's potential than Lindy's Sports.

Sportsbook puts over/under on Alabama's win total in 2013 at 11.5; What do you think?

Florida, Florida State, Texas, Southern Cal, Notre Dame and others have had over/unders on total number of wins posted.

Ole Miss TE signee an academic casualty

When Ole Miss opens its second summer camp under Hugh Freeze month after next, the Rebels won’t have one freshman who could’ve made an immediate impact on the offensive side of the ball.

Five stars in the making

Guys who could break through in 2013.

Moody's revises NCAA credit outlook to negative

The NCAA's credit outlook has been revised to negative by ratings agency Moody's as the governing body of college sports deals with an anti-trust lawsuit about the use of athletes' images and likenesses.


"If I see a 6-foot-6 man walking in the mall with his wife, and she's 6-2 and she's pregnant, I'll go up and offer their unborn child," Franklin said.

"I'm not exaggerating. I do that all the time. If I go to speak at an elementary school, if I'm out at a restaurant, we kind of have fun with it. It's about developing a relationship with people. It's about getting them connected with Vanderbilt. It's about making people laugh and telling a story and having fun. It's about having a sense of humor and not being some robot coach that I don't want to be."

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Monday, June 24, 2013

Morning Six Pack: June 24, 2013 and a scant 68 days until kickoff Monday! Resume your kickoff countdown and start the week right with six college football stories from here and yonder.

What's the latest with Alabama's 12 opponents in 2013?

Check out the latest news, notes and quotes regarding the Crimson Tide's opponents in 2013.

Freshmen arriving on UF campus this week

After bringing in eight early enrollees in January and two more signees last month, Florida will welcome the remaining 19 members from its 2013 football recruiting class to campus this week.

Twenty Auburn football newcomers now on campus

Nick Marshall leads a group of 10 newcomers to arrive on campus Sunday. Five-star defensive ends Elijah Daniel and Carl Lawson are also ready for classes.

Source: RB Shell hoping for return to Pitt

Running back Rushel Shell, who said in April he was transferring from Pittsburgh to UCLA, has contacted the Panthers' coaching staff about his intention of returning to the team, a source said.

Navy’s former starting QB no longer enrolled at academy

All the attention toward Navy over the past week has been linked to the sexual assault case involving three current and former football players. But the Academy is dealing with a departure as well.


Since he isn’t joining ’em, Bielema is searching for ways to beat ’em. Mindful of the stress the no-huddle puts on defenses, he has proposed a rule change that would allow a 15-second pause for defensive substitutions after each first down.

Bielema said such a rule is needed for the safety of the players, not the sanity of the defensive coordinator. He argues that long drives by no-huddle offenses are particularly taxing on defensive linemen.

“That has a real effect on safety of that student-athlete, especially the bigger defensive linemen that is really real,” he told a group of reporters recently.

Uh, what about those big offensive linemen, Coach? Aren’t they playing at the same pace?

Friday, June 21, 2013

Morning Six Pack: June 21, 2013 and 71 days until kickass! Counting down and knocking down six cool, clear and crisp college football stories from around the country, with a strong hint of SEC Flavor and mouthfeel.

Florida State loses tight end Haplea to knee injury

Florida State tight end Kevin Haplea will miss the upcoming season after injuring his right knee during an offseason workout.

College Recruiting: Which recruits does UGA's Mark Richt follow on Twitter?

Since Mark Richt joined Twitter in 2009, the UGA football coach was following only around four other people – his wife, his sons, and the team’s official Twitter account.

Tom Luginbill includes Alabama's Chris Black, Derrick Henry among his top 10 future college football stars

"With Amari Cooper's emergence as a true freshman, Black figures to be the speedy complement opposite him."

RichRod: No safety issues with up-tempo offense

Arizona’s Rich Rodriguez voiced his support for the safety of up-tempo offenses on Thursday’s edition of ESPN’s College Football Live.

Report: Alabama OL had offseason surgery, but good to go

No news is good news for college football programs in the months between the end of spring practice and the start of fall camp. Alabama is breaking that rule* a little bit.


“Tears of the Sun,” a 2003 movie starring Bruce Willis -- who played the role of a Navy SEAL who led a mission to rescue a doctor and refugees during a Nigerian civil war -- particularly spoke to Coffee.

“I've always considered myself a warrior, somebody who would fight for what he believed in,” he said. “It hit me like, ‘What do you think the military does and what do you think the military is full of? Warriors. All of a sudden, I had this respect for the military and I just realized that there is no America without the men and women who serve this country.

“I figured that if I'm able, the Lord's blessed me with an able body while I'm young, to get out there and get dirty.”

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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Morning Six Pack: June 20, 2013. 72 Days until kickoff Thursday and our long vigil continues with six fresh college football stories from around the country.

Gandolfini death hits hard at Rutgers, too

Not only did Hollywood lose one of its most-loved leading men with the death of James Gandolfini on Wednesday, but Rutgers lost its most recognizable. [RIP, Tony Soprano]

EA Sports used actual game footage to create video game players

Former NCAA President Myles Brand: "The presidents want it both ways" to complain against commercialism and accept the revenue from corporate ads.

Bielema joins Saban in the anti-uptempo offense club

Last year, Alabama coach Nick Saban asked if the no-huddle offense was “what we want football to be” specifically in regards to player safety. He has a supporter in Arkansas coach Bret Bielema.

Vehicle stolen from home of Sooners' Stoops

The home of Oklahoma coach Bob Stoops was robbed early Wednesday morning, police confirmed to

Wazzu, Wisconsin modify series; Rutgers now on Cougars’ schedule

And in Wisconsin news not involving attrition in the defensive secondary, the Badgers have announced a home-and-home series with Washington State.


"I'm sad to say he's trending toward becoming a punch line," Finebaum said Tuesday on ESPN's College Football Live. "I hate to say that because I think all of us on this show today are fans of Johnny Manziel. You can't help but be, and you want the best for him. But there have been too many instances like this.

"An isolated tweet from a 20-year-old in the middle of the night not a big deal, but this is not isolated. This is a continuation and I'm very troubled by it, and I can promise you that (coach) Kevin Sumlin is more troubled by it that I am."

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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Morning Six Pack: June 19, 2013 and 73 days to go’re gonna make it, y’all. Come hell or high water. Speaking of High Water, here’s six of the best.

Alabama adding a waterfall of sorts to its locker room

The Crimson Tide are adding a cool new feature to their locker room.

Report: suspended for ’12 season after arrest, Manziel considered transfer

Oh, what the hell.  Let’s add another layer to the college football soap opera that is Johnny Manziel a few days after he tweeted “Bull**** like tonight is a reason why I can’t wait to leave college station.” [Circus, circus, circus]

UCLA declares itself Linebacker U, confusion follows

When someone says “Linebacker U,” what is the first thing you think of? Is it Penn State, the traditional answer, with legendary players at the position spanning from Jack Ham to Lavar Arrington to NaVorro Bowman?

Wes Lunt Transferring to University of Illinois

After weeks of speculation, former Rochester All-State quarterback Wes Lunt has made it official.

Bret Bielema is not a fan of the no-huddle offense, proposes rule change to slow it down

Arkansas head coach Bret Bielema wants everybody to just slow down for a minute.


Said ESPN's Tom Luginbill in discussing one reason for the Crimson Tide's lofty perch: "Everybody's heard the 'all-in' slogan when talking about college football programs, but when Alabama uses the phrase 'all-in,' they're not just talking about the football program; they're talking about the university as a whole. Whether you're the track coach or the assistant professor in the sociology wing, everybody there understands that when football drives the bus, everybody wins."

Having delivered three of the last four national championships, the Tide's vehicle of choice looks more like a stretch limo than a bus these days.

And just to prove the rich get richer, Bama boss Nick Saban just got a commitment from 6-foot-5, 235-pound quarterback David Cornwell, who is ranked the No. 1 pocket passer in this year's high school senior class by the 247Sports website. Assuming he follows through with his verbal, Cornwell will be the highest rated QB Saban has inked with the Tide.

The slightest sliver of good news for Tennessee football fans regarding Cornwell: In a Birmingham News article earlier this week, Cornwell said of his decision, "Alabama was always on top for me even though I felt pretty good about Virginia Tech, and to a lesser extent Tennessee."

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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Morning Six Pack: June 18, 2013 and 74 days until Alabama football three days until the start of summer? WTF? Oh well, cool off with these six cold college football stories from around the country.

The most interesting team in 2013 is the Texas A&M Aggies

I don’t always watch Texas football, but when I do, I watch the Texas A&M Aggies.

Ten Gators Named to 2013 Preseason All-SEC Team by Athlon Sports

The University of Florida football team had 10 players selected to the Athlon Sports 2013 Preseason All-SEC Team, released on Monday, June 17.

Boozer dismissed after pot bust

A backup Missouri linebacker arrested during the 2012 season on drug charges has been dismissed from the team.

Miami commitment on turning down Urban Meyer: He 'looked like he was a baby about to cry'

"I told him no to his face, and it's got to be one of the top five reactions of someone ever. His facial expression was just so funny. My coach was tearing up and had to go in his office to laugh."

Alabama vs Texas A&M Preview: Offensive lines key to this game

Alabama vs Texas A&M Preview : This game features star quarterbacks, but look for the offensive lines to play a major role in who wins this game.


It's not a free-speech thing. You don't have a constitutional right to play football for Texas A&M or baseball for Oklahoma, and if you'd like that privilege, there are rules you have to follow. If the coach says no Twitter, your tweeting days are over.

It's one less distraction for the team, one less complication for the players and the coaches. Imagine how much you could improve as a student-athlete if you spent less time sharing every thought you have every moment you have it and more time studying. Textbooks. Playbooks. Etc.

You want to socialize? Go talk to someone, in person, or use your cell phone as - radical concept alert - a phone!

They call Twitter a social medium, but let's be honest. Does one angry man seething into his cell or his tablet really have any socially redeeming value?

Some thoughts are better left unsaid, especially if they're going to be shared with the world.

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Friday, June 14, 2013

Morning Six Pack: June 14, 2013 and 78 days until “ahhh…” Friday! We’re counting down and checking out six college football stories from around the country, with a little extra SEC flavor.

Danny Sheridan gives Alabama coach Nick Saban a D-minus for backup quarterback management

National analyst thinks the second-team QB should get much more playing time. “If that’s his only flaw, that’s pretty good," he says of Saban. "But it is a flaw.”

Aggies athletic director gigs Tide with lunar jab

“What does the moon and Texas A&M have in common?” Hyman said, setting up the obvious punchline, “we control the Tide.”

Miami infractions get NCAA hearing

School officials, former coaches and the ACC commissioner were on hand to defend the Hurricanes against allegations that could bring severe sanctions in the improper benefits case involving former booster Nevin Shapiro.

Big 12 coach asked to take shot at SEC, he replies, 'What can you say?'

Bob Stoops and Charlie Weiss have given their thoughts on the SEC. Now, Baylor coach Art Briles gets his turn.

UGA’s focus is on first two games

Luckily for Mark Richt, he has an opposing coach at an SEC rival to use as the barometer for his Georgia team’s strength of schedule. If the amount of bellyaching by South Carolina’s Steve Spurrier is any gauge, then the Bulldogs must have a tougher schedule on tap this fall than they faced in the previous two seasons.


All of which brings us around to the University of Tennessee’s football program and its lousy APR. Numbers came out this week showing a single-year score of 909 and a multiyear score of 924 for Vols football.

What do those numbers mean? The NCAA uses APR to measure eligibility and progress toward a degree. A 925 RPI predicts a 50 percent graduation rate.

Another way of looking at UT’s numbers: The multiyear score of 924 is the equivalent of four losing seasons in the past five years, and the single-year score of 909 is like a 1-7 record in the SEC.

In other words, the Vols have been as bad in the classroom as they have on the field. No wonder they couldn’t get the right number of players in the huddle. They couldn’t count to 11.

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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Morning Six Pack: June 13, 2013 and 79 days until kickoff started beating the heat early with these cool, clear and crisp college football stories from around the country.

Johnny Manziel: 'I would hope I'm a better passer than Tim Tebow'

"As far as being a starting quarterback in the NFL, I don't know if it really suits him."

2013 Kentucky Football Preview

Reenergized by head coach Mark Stoops, Kentucky fans feel a reason for passion about their football program…

Navy loses starting defensive lineman

Just a couple of months after exiting spring as the starter, Danny Ring has abruptly exited the Navy football program entirely.

Previewing Auburn's First Football Season Under Gus Malzahn

Auburn had a rough go-around in the SEC last year, and turned to a former offensive coordinator in the hopes that he could turn it around.

Sports Briefing | College Football: Rees to Start for Irish

Coach Brian Kelly said Tommy Rees would be Notre Dame’s starting quarterback, reversing a statement that there would be a competition with Andrew Hendrix and Malik Zaire.   


Sheridan, a Mobile native whose line is published in USA Today, emphasizes that his odds are not predictions. Otherwise, he would not rate Miller so high.

"Is he as good as Manziel?" Sheridan asked. "He's not even in the same league with Manziel, or Yeldon or Murray. But he quarterbacks an Ohio State team that is a super - and underline the word super - PR machine.

"If they go 12-0, which they really should - they'll be favored to, but I don't think they will - you'll be hearing how wonderful this guy is."

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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Morning Six Pack: June 12, 2013 and 80 days until kickoff’re hunpin’ right along with the morning six pack of fresh college football stories. Only 80 days left, y’all!

Ex-USC player claims Ed Orgeron berated him for going to class

On the same day that the NCAA released its annual APR scores citing student-athletes’ academic success, TIME magazine published a piece suggesting not everyone takes schoolwork as seriously.

2013 South Carolina Football Preview

Where do you start a 2013 South Carolina Football Preview? Of course, it has to start with Coach Steve Spurrier. Steven O. Spurrier has always considered himself to be a goal-oriented coach.

Coordinator Herman has taken 'Jet' path from D-III to Ohio State

Tom Herman's no-huddle spread offense, aka the Jet, propels him from the D-III ranks to running Ohio State's offense. Dennis Dodd tells how Herman went from eating Ramen to working for Urban.

Wednesday Wayback: 1993 LSU v. Wichita St.

LSU's athletic program was at a bit of a crossroads in 1993. The football program was still mired in the Curley Hallman era, and the less said about that, the better.

Notre Dame honors deal, to play Arizona St. in '14

The Irish will honor a contract signed in 2008 to play the Sun Devils next season at ASU, Arizona State announced Tuesday night. Notre Dame previously had told ASU in April that it didn't intend to play the 2014 game citing schedule changes involved with entering a scheduling agreement with the ACC.


The Athens Chamber of Commerce booked Saban for well north of $20,000, according to the Chattanooga Times Free Press. All of the money Saban makes from his speaking engagements goes directly to his Nick's Kids charity.

This was the small town's seventh annual benefit dinner. Pete Rose, Kirk Cameron and Lou Ferrigno have spoken here in the past, but no one drew as big of a crowd as Saban.

"I don't know who has been here before, but it's a great opportunity," Saban said. "I grew up in a community a lot like this. Just people that have great values and serving other people is one of those things so having an opportunity to do that is something we look forward to."

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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Morning Six Pack: June 11, 2013 and 81 days until kickoff’ right along with the countdown and six new college football stories from around the country.

Father: Thomas wants to attend USC, not FSU

The father of Florida State incoming freshman linebacker Matthew Thomas said Monday night that his son wants to attend USC.

Badgers lose QB

Quarterback Danny O’Brien, who dropped to fourth on the Wisconsin depth chart in the spring and was expected to be No. 5 when camp opened in August, is leaving UW.

Saban’s speech in Tennessee causes a stir

Alabama coach Nick Saban’s planned appearance at a benefit event today in Tennessee shows the Crimson Tide-Volunteers rivalry is alive and well, even if it’s been one-sided in lately.

Auburn QB signee Jason Smith plans to attend prep school in fall

Smith threw for 1,566 yards and 19 touchdowns while running for 867 yards and 14 touchdowns in McGill-Toolen's spread offense last season. He was expected to compete for Auburn's starting job at quarterback this fall.

College football tradition continues to be compromised with allure of NFL system

2013 will be a significant year in college football. It will be the last year before the sport moves to a full blown playoff structure in the postseason. We’ve been discussing the BCS and the potential for a playoff for so many years …


Malzahn says "it didn't take long to figure out" the Iron Bowl rivalry when he arrived as the offensive coordinator in 2009. He doesn't expect his perspective on the rivalry to change, and neither does Saban.

"I have a lot of respect for Gus," Saban said. "I know him professionally. We've eaten together at places and all that. One thing is you don't have to dislike somebody to play against them. I never bought into that theory. We compete against a lot of people we have a lot of respect for -- even our good friends, even people who have worked for us for a long time and have done a tremendous job. That's not a part of it. That's not a part of professionalism. You have to compete against each other every day. It doesn't mean you don't respect the people you compete against. When you do respect them, it helps you do a better job."

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Monday, June 10, 2013

Morning Six Pack: June 10, 2013 with 82 days until kickass Monday! Start the week off with six fresh college football stories from here and there.

Could Alabama DT target Matt Elam be the next Mount Cody?

The massive nose guard reportedly impressed Crimson Tide coaches at camp in Tuscaloosa last week.

Beat Bama: Recruit provides fans a peek inside an Auburn meeting room

Nick Ruffin, a four-star defensive back, tweeted the photo during a visit to campus Sunday.

Source: Trojans extend offer to 8th-grade WR

Class of 2017 receiver Nathan Tilford (Upland, Calif./Upland) has yet to play a down of high school football, but the spotlight already is shining brightly on him.

UF's Fowler ready for challenge of second year

The transition that began 16 months ago is now complete, and indisputable. The evidence can be found in Dante Fowler's house back in St. Petersburg, especially in his father's closet, where orange and blue now hangs where all that garnet and gold once did.

Discussions taking place for possible Illinois-Mizzou revival

Illinois and Missouri last played in 2010 in St. Louis. Not surprisingly, the president of the St. Louis Sports Commission wants to see those two teams return for a revival of their “Arch Rivalry” in the not-too-distant future.


Playing golf and playing it well has always been important to Spurrier. He's never been a coach who seemed to eat, sleep and breathe football 365 days a year. Yet here he is, heading into his ninth year with the Gamecocks, still competing against the single-minded likes of Nick Saban.

How long does Spurrier plan to stay in the game?

"I got a new answer to that question," he said. "Back in January, they appointed this guy, and he's 77 years old, and he's the leader of a billion people in the world.

"They call him the pope, and he replaced a guy that was 85 years old. So if he can be the leader of over a billion people worldwide, surely I can get 11 guys on the field."

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Friday, June 7, 2013

Morning Six Pack: June 7, 2013 with 85 days until kickoff, and thank God for only 85 days until kickoff. Start your weekend off right with this tasty six pack of college football stories from around the country.

Early commitments have been valuable fixture of Nick Saban era at Alabama

At nine commitments for the class of 2014, Alabama is right where it usually is at this point of the recruiting season.

Nothing golden about Kelly playing hard ball with waffling recruit

Brian Kelly purports to be a man of high character, but Gregg Doyel says the Notre Dame coach's insistence not to let a top recruit out of his letter of intent shows what a phony Kelly is.

Four-star QB for A&M chosen fourth overall in MLB draft

Quarterback Kohl Stewart is currently a four-star member of Texas A&M’s 2013 signing class. Whether or not Stewart will officially become an Aggie should be made official shortly.

College football countdown | No. 96: Kansas

Kansas enters year two of its five-year plan under coach Charlie Weis.

Johnny Manziel to appear in country music video

Johnny Football's joyride through the offseason continues with a pickup truck and pretty girl.


A&M plays host to Rice, Sam Houston State, SMU and UTEP this season, one in which the Aggies are expected to contend for a national title in only Sumlin’s second season and behind Heisman Trophy winner Johnny Manziel.

“It’s easy for people to (knock) our schedule,” Sumlin said. “But in our situation, we scrambled to get anybody to play us, because we had to come up with a schedule in less than 12 months. We’re basically in the same boat right now. Most schedules are done way in advance, and when you change leagues you’re at the mercy of two things: The league schedule, and who you can find within 24 months.

“Our schedule is going to change as time goes on. We had to scramble to find anybody to play us in particular these first two years – and it’s not just finding somebody to play, but their availability to play on specific dates. It gets really limited.”

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Thursday, June 6, 2013

Morning Six Pack: June 6, 2013 and 86 days until kickoff, we pause for the brave men who stormed that distant shore, June 6, 1944.

Now… six college football stories from around the country and 87 days in our kickoff countdown.

Crisis averted: UW assistant to remain on Badger staff

Less than two months before the start of summer camp, and three months before the season opener, Gary Andersen could’ve found himself with an unexpected vacancy on his Wisconsin coaching staff.

Penn State trustees say changes are well under way

Members of Penn State's board of trustees outlined the changes the school has implemented as result of the Jerry Sandusky child molestation scandal.

2013 Mississippi State Football Preview

Our 2013 Mississippi State Football Preview examines the offensive and defensive challenges for the Bulldogs. Clearly, the defense is talented, but can the defense keep the team in games until the offense matures?

Scandals raise president problems

Holden Thorp is packing up after nearly five years as chancellor at the University of North Carolina, preparing for his next job as provost at Washington University in St. Louis.

Auburn's Jay Prosch has chance to be one of best H-Backs he has ever coached

The Illinois transfer ran the ball 12 times for 38 yards and two touchdowns in 2012, his first season at Auburn.[snort]


The Crimson Tide are now on a list that includes Duke, Northwestern and Stanford.

"It's fantastic," Crimson Tide coach Nick Saban said. "We pride ourselves on having a great program where we do a good job of personal development with our players. The thing that's most important about what our players do while they're at the University of Alabama is graduate from school and develop a career off the field.

“To see that we're one of the however many teams in the country that have one of the highest APRs, I think that speaks volumes for the commitment that we have to academics and the standard of excellence to help our players have the best opportunity to graduate."

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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Morning Six Pack: June 5, 2013 with 87 days until kickoff through our countdown with a Wednesday collection of six college football stories from around the country.

Top recruit and Notre Dame commit posts video of him flushing Alabama letters down toilet

While a simple "no" to the University of Alabama probably would have sufficed, top running back recruit Elijah Hood made it pretty clear he doesn't want any more mail from the Crimson Tide.

Four-star Miami QB signee hit with charges in single-car crash

One member of Miami’s 2013 recruiting class has yet to bring his luggage onto campus, but, when he does, he’ll already have some off-field baggage in tow as well.

Auburn football: Jeremy Johnson focused on football first, Malzahn says

While hoops dreams might still be in the future of former G.W. Carver and current Auburn quarterback Jeremy Johnson, he’s going to focus first and foremost on football.

Georgia defensive tackle Johnny Dwight commits to Alabama

Alabama landed its second defensive tackle prospect in as many weeks on Tuesday night when Rochelle, Georgia star Johnny Dwight pledged his commitment to the Crimson Tide.


The SEC politburo left its spring meetings last week without finalizing the conference football schedule for 2014, which probably means one of two things:

The SEC is doing the unthinkable and going over the dead bodies of 13 of its 14 football coaches and upping the ante to a ninth conference game. Or ...

The SEC is doing the unthinkable and canceling permanent crossover games between division opponents, ending some of the league’s traditional rivalries.

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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Morning Six Pack: June 4, 2013 and 88 days until kickoff’s hot. It’s Africa hot. Cool off with six clear, crisp college football stories from around the country.

Jackson QB Matthew Jordan gets his chance to throw for Nick Saban

Dual-threat QB prospect believes he made an impression at both QB and WR during Alabama camp.

Hightower officially moves from Boise State to Houston

Of the 16 new football players Houston announced Monday as having enrolled in classes at the university, one of them comes to the Cougars with a helluva lot more collegiate experience than the other 15 combined.

Pac-12 to limit contact in practice

In an effort to cut down on concussions, head trauma and other injuries, the Pac-12 Conference is establishing a league-wide policy to limit the amount of contact made during football practices beginning this season.

CB Patmon transfers to Oklahoma St.

Cornerback Tyler Patmon has transferred to Oklahoma State after graduating from Kansas.

2013 Auburn Football Preview

Auburn’s quarterback situation holds some mystery, but Auburn fans should not give up on Kiehl Frazier. Remember the job Malzahn has done with other quarterbacks.


“The NCAA treated us like criminals,” Vernon told The Herald last week.

"When [Johanningmeier] asked the question, he made it seem like he wanted you to answer it as to where you did something wrong," Vernon said. "He flipped it on us… Sometimes you blurt out something that you were pressured into saying. He pressured us a lot more.”

In his affidavit for Hill, Dye said Johanningmeier "continually threatened me if I did [not] comply with him.. I felt intimidated by Mr. Johanningmeier and I was also concerned regarding the possibility of losing my scholarship and athletic eligibility....

"I felt compelled to testify in a manner that would be consistent with the manner in which Mr. Johanningmeier was directing me in order to keep my eligibility…. I feel it is unfair the NCAA has twisted my testimony to use it negatively against coach Hill.”

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Monday, June 3, 2013

Morning Six Pack: June 3, 2013 and 89 days until kickoff we go, Monday. 89 days until the Crimson Tide kicks ass off and six college football stories from everywhere.

What went wrong? Ellis Johnson opens up on his year at Southern Miss

If he could do it again, Ellis Johnson says he would probably be more hands-on with the Southern Miss offense and defense.

Ohio St. president apologizes for comments

The president of Ohio State University has apologized to the Big Ten conference for "hurtful remarks" he made last year about some university athletic programs.

Two Auburn LBs will transfer

A pair of Auburn backup linebackers will transfer. Chris Landrum and Harris Gaston have been granted their release by Gus Malzahn.

Say what? Recent controversies have SEC coaches more mindful of their words on booster club circuit

Coaches say they're watching what they say in order to prevent bulletin-board material.

College Recruiting: Top LB favors Tennessee, wants UGA look

Norcross High School linebacker Kevin Mouhon has been leaning to Tennessee for months, and not much has changed.


"I'm not so sure that four is the right answer," Hollis told SiriusXM College Sports Nation. "I think it's the right answer for the short term. I think you're going to have more teams feel slighted by not being a part of the process than when there were two. Being on the basketball committee, you kind of see that play out. Exponentially, the more teams there are, the more you feel they should have been the ones to get in. It's going to be interesting to watch that process."

In addition to the pressure from other schools that miss out on the College Football Playoff, Hollis cited fan demand as another potential catalyst for expansion beyond four teams.

"The most important thing we have to do in our industry is deliver to fans and deliver to the student-athletes games they want to play in," Hollis said.

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