Friday, June 14, 2013

Morning Six Pack: June 14, 2013 and 78 days until “ahhh…” Friday! We’re counting down and checking out six college football stories from around the country, with a little extra SEC flavor.

Danny Sheridan gives Alabama coach Nick Saban a D-minus for backup quarterback management

National analyst thinks the second-team QB should get much more playing time. “If that’s his only flaw, that’s pretty good," he says of Saban. "But it is a flaw.”

Aggies athletic director gigs Tide with lunar jab

“What does the moon and Texas A&M have in common?” Hyman said, setting up the obvious punchline, “we control the Tide.”

Miami infractions get NCAA hearing

School officials, former coaches and the ACC commissioner were on hand to defend the Hurricanes against allegations that could bring severe sanctions in the improper benefits case involving former booster Nevin Shapiro.

Big 12 coach asked to take shot at SEC, he replies, 'What can you say?'

Bob Stoops and Charlie Weiss have given their thoughts on the SEC. Now, Baylor coach Art Briles gets his turn.

UGA’s focus is on first two games

Luckily for Mark Richt, he has an opposing coach at an SEC rival to use as the barometer for his Georgia team’s strength of schedule. If the amount of bellyaching by South Carolina’s Steve Spurrier is any gauge, then the Bulldogs must have a tougher schedule on tap this fall than they faced in the previous two seasons.


All of which brings us around to the University of Tennessee’s football program and its lousy APR. Numbers came out this week showing a single-year score of 909 and a multiyear score of 924 for Vols football.

What do those numbers mean? The NCAA uses APR to measure eligibility and progress toward a degree. A 925 RPI predicts a 50 percent graduation rate.

Another way of looking at UT’s numbers: The multiyear score of 924 is the equivalent of four losing seasons in the past five years, and the single-year score of 909 is like a 1-7 record in the SEC.

In other words, the Vols have been as bad in the classroom as they have on the field. No wonder they couldn’t get the right number of players in the huddle. They couldn’t count to 11.

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