Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Morning Six Pack: June 19, 2013 and 73 days to go’re gonna make it, y’all. Come hell or high water. Speaking of High Water, here’s six of the best.

Alabama adding a waterfall of sorts to its locker room

The Crimson Tide are adding a cool new feature to their locker room.

Report: suspended for ’12 season after arrest, Manziel considered transfer

Oh, what the hell.  Let’s add another layer to the college football soap opera that is Johnny Manziel a few days after he tweeted “Bull**** like tonight is a reason why I can’t wait to leave college station.” [Circus, circus, circus]

UCLA declares itself Linebacker U, confusion follows

When someone says “Linebacker U,” what is the first thing you think of? Is it Penn State, the traditional answer, with legendary players at the position spanning from Jack Ham to Lavar Arrington to NaVorro Bowman?

Wes Lunt Transferring to University of Illinois

After weeks of speculation, former Rochester All-State quarterback Wes Lunt has made it official.

Bret Bielema is not a fan of the no-huddle offense, proposes rule change to slow it down

Arkansas head coach Bret Bielema wants everybody to just slow down for a minute.


Said ESPN's Tom Luginbill in discussing one reason for the Crimson Tide's lofty perch: "Everybody's heard the 'all-in' slogan when talking about college football programs, but when Alabama uses the phrase 'all-in,' they're not just talking about the football program; they're talking about the university as a whole. Whether you're the track coach or the assistant professor in the sociology wing, everybody there understands that when football drives the bus, everybody wins."

Having delivered three of the last four national championships, the Tide's vehicle of choice looks more like a stretch limo than a bus these days.

And just to prove the rich get richer, Bama boss Nick Saban just got a commitment from 6-foot-5, 235-pound quarterback David Cornwell, who is ranked the No. 1 pocket passer in this year's high school senior class by the 247Sports website. Assuming he follows through with his verbal, Cornwell will be the highest rated QB Saban has inked with the Tide.

The slightest sliver of good news for Tennessee football fans regarding Cornwell: In a Birmingham News article earlier this week, Cornwell said of his decision, "Alabama was always on top for me even though I felt pretty good about Virginia Tech, and to a lesser extent Tennessee."

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