Friday, June 21, 2013

Morning Six Pack: June 21, 2013 and 71 days until kickass! Counting down and knocking down six cool, clear and crisp college football stories from around the country, with a strong hint of SEC Flavor and mouthfeel.

Florida State loses tight end Haplea to knee injury

Florida State tight end Kevin Haplea will miss the upcoming season after injuring his right knee during an offseason workout.

College Recruiting: Which recruits does UGA's Mark Richt follow on Twitter?

Since Mark Richt joined Twitter in 2009, the UGA football coach was following only around four other people – his wife, his sons, and the team’s official Twitter account.

Tom Luginbill includes Alabama's Chris Black, Derrick Henry among his top 10 future college football stars

"With Amari Cooper's emergence as a true freshman, Black figures to be the speedy complement opposite him."

RichRod: No safety issues with up-tempo offense

Arizona’s Rich Rodriguez voiced his support for the safety of up-tempo offenses on Thursday’s edition of ESPN’s College Football Live.

Report: Alabama OL had offseason surgery, but good to go

No news is good news for college football programs in the months between the end of spring practice and the start of fall camp. Alabama is breaking that rule* a little bit.


“Tears of the Sun,” a 2003 movie starring Bruce Willis -- who played the role of a Navy SEAL who led a mission to rescue a doctor and refugees during a Nigerian civil war -- particularly spoke to Coffee.

“I've always considered myself a warrior, somebody who would fight for what he believed in,” he said. “It hit me like, ‘What do you think the military does and what do you think the military is full of? Warriors. All of a sudden, I had this respect for the military and I just realized that there is no America without the men and women who serve this country.

“I figured that if I'm able, the Lord's blessed me with an able body while I'm young, to get out there and get dirty.”

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