Friday, June 10, 2011

Mike Slive lied to Paul Finebaum

image During a wide ranging, multi-segment interview on the Paul Finebaum Radio Network, Mike Slive either told the host an outright lie, or deliberately misled him. Finebaum had asked him about the NCAA eligibility determination made on December 1 that made former Auburn Quarterback Cam Newton eligible to compete in the SEC Championship game and ultimately, the BCS National Championship game. Finebaum noted the controversy surrounding that decision and the media firestorm it created.

Slive told Finebaum that “the [Cam Newton eligibility] investigation was done by the NCAA. They drew conclusions that permitted the young man to continue to compete and … we had no facts to counter the NCAA’s findings…  I know it lingers, I know it’s out there. But the NCAA did the investigation. They made the facts. They made the determination on his eligibility based on the facts they they knew, and that’s really where it went.”

Not only did Slive lie to Paul Finebaum. He lied to the entire listening audience.

Regular readers of this blog know that during eligibility determinations, the NCAA does not conduct any investigation because reinstatement decisions are NOT investigations.  The eligibility staff doesn’t have any investigative capability at all. It relies totally on the member school to provide all relevant facts and makes it decision based on that information. NOT information that it uncovers through any sort of investigation.

I don’t care which team you root for.  Alabama, Auburn, LSU, Clemson, Florida State, Notre Dame, Ohio State, East Buttermilk Polytechnic. It matters not. What I do care about is that you understand that the process resulting in Auburn’s declaration of ineligibility and the subsequent NCAA decision reinstating Newton was not an NCAA investigation.  It was a story presented to the NCAA Eligibility staff that was written, produced and directed by Auburn University.

Accordingly, Slive’s statement that “the NCAA did the investigation” is DEMONSTRABLY FALSE.

One of the following statements is true.

Mike Slive knows the difference between eligibility determinations and enforcement investigations and deliberately misled Paul Finebaum and the entire listening audience.

Mike Slive is clueless about the two distinct and separate processes and believes the Auburn fambly canard that the NCAA has already investigated the Newton scandal and the December 1 decision was the end of the matter.

You decide what you want to believe. But any shred of respect I might have had for the Commissioner of the Southeastern Conference has been destroyed.

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Anonymous said...

Silly, silly Bammers... clinging to oddly-parsed words taken out of context... dare I say DESPERATE?

It's time to give up, Mullet Nation! It would be better to focus on getting Updyke declared incompetent to stand trial, or better yet, get him Stabler's attorney.

Anonymous said...

Good blog IBCR. Everyone with greater than half a brain knows the investigation is ongoing. (Which explains why the barn nation thinks it's all over I guess.)

Slive is simply trying to protect his job and his credibility. Bad news Slive: One of those is already gone, and it's likely the other will soon be.

Keep the faith barners. It's going to make it that much more hilarious when you get hammered by the NCAA.

IH8ThugU said...

You people are seeming more and more like a Cult every day.. It was humorous, at first, to sit and watch you idiots spout off like you were actually relevant, but now, it is just sad.. The Barn will burn.. You idiots can say you're "All In" or "We believe in the *U family" as much as you want, but the reality of it is, You're sad little program has screwed up big time and the NCAA hammer Will fall on you guys.. You see what just happened to USC?? Yea... You will soon learn what that's like.. Have a nice day and enjoy it while it last..

Anonymous said...

Did an Alabamian really just make a redneck joke about a fellow Alabamian? Really Barner? Pot or kettle? C'mon, you gotta think your insults through a little better than that. Guess that's that Sociology degree hard at work.

Mal Moore said...

Here's the thing barners, We're not desperate. We will always be Alabama, and you will always be the little brother. We're just enjoying watching the cluster that is AU. It's not desperation, but entertainment. I find that whoever writes this blog is very thorough and not "tinfoil-ish" at all. He just presents the facts, and those facts speak for themselves. In fact he does a better job than most of the state media.

Anonymous said...

Dear Gulf Coast,

If I might make one suggestion...

You should probably have two "sections" to each blog post. The first section will be exactly what you posted above, expanding your thoughts with logic and critical thinking. The second section needs to be on a reading-level that is comprehensible by graduates of the Alabama Polytechnic Institute.


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