Thursday, June 9, 2011

Another new look for IBCR

If you’ve been visiting the blog off and on today, you’ve probably noticed some crazy looking stuff going on. I’ve been on a mission today to make the blog look a little cleaner, a little more professional and a little more friendly for mobile devices.

If you read this blog on an Android, IPhone or Windows Phone 7 device, you should see few changes in the look and feel of the site. If you’re on an older BlackBerry or older Windows Mobile device, things should be much easier to handle. The very first implementation of this blog was on an absolutely ancient three column, full screen template that mobile devices absolutely hated. The second implementation improved things for newer devices but left the legacy users behind. Hopefully, you should be able to access all of the content on this site regardless of which kind of device you use.

Hopefully. Please let me know if you have any problems.

Thanks for your patience today. There are big things coming in the weeks and months ahead that will make this site a destination for news, snarks, farks and thought provoking commentary. A a soon-to-be-announced concept is something that I hope will satisfy the hunger of college sports fans everywhere, but particularly the religiously ravenous Southern sports fan.  Much work remains and my “day job” might get in the way of implementation, but when it gets done, you’re gonna eat it up, I think.

If you’d like to help, click some Google ads or buy something via the Amazon links that you’ll see at the bottom of each post. I’m trying not to plaster this site with advertisements, but the hosting costs and the costs of accessing court documents aren’t insignificant.

I’m also actively recruiting new bloggers. You post excellent questions and provide keen insight on message boards. You have news that no one else has seen or heard yet. You call into radio shows with topical questions and thoughtful commentary. In the water cooler/coffee machine/keg tap discussions, people STFU and listen to what you have to say. Would you like to have a platform to reach a broader audience of readers? Blogging on a growing site like this one is a great way to make your opinion heard, and I’d love to learn what you can contribute here. I have a very short set of formatting rules for contributing but after that I exercise only modest editorial control. Don’t flame anyone, don’t libel or defame anyone, and this platform is yours to speak your mind and educate readers. This site gets thousands of readers each day, and the number of visitors is growing faster than I’d ever imagined.

Reach them and teach them.

And don’t forget that there is an even bigger platform being built. Come be a part of it.

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