Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Morning Six Pack: June 12, 2013 and 80 days until kickoff’re hunpin’ right along with the morning six pack of fresh college football stories. Only 80 days left, y’all!

Ex-USC player claims Ed Orgeron berated him for going to class

On the same day that the NCAA released its annual APR scores citing student-athletes’ academic success, TIME magazine published a piece suggesting not everyone takes schoolwork as seriously.

2013 South Carolina Football Preview

Where do you start a 2013 South Carolina Football Preview? Of course, it has to start with Coach Steve Spurrier. Steven O. Spurrier has always considered himself to be a goal-oriented coach.

Coordinator Herman has taken 'Jet' path from D-III to Ohio State

Tom Herman's no-huddle spread offense, aka the Jet, propels him from the D-III ranks to running Ohio State's offense. Dennis Dodd tells how Herman went from eating Ramen to working for Urban.

Wednesday Wayback: 1993 LSU v. Wichita St.

LSU's athletic program was at a bit of a crossroads in 1993. The football program was still mired in the Curley Hallman era, and the less said about that, the better.

Notre Dame honors deal, to play Arizona St. in '14

The Irish will honor a contract signed in 2008 to play the Sun Devils next season at ASU, Arizona State announced Tuesday night. Notre Dame previously had told ASU in April that it didn't intend to play the 2014 game citing schedule changes involved with entering a scheduling agreement with the ACC.


The Athens Chamber of Commerce booked Saban for well north of $20,000, according to the Chattanooga Times Free Press. All of the money Saban makes from his speaking engagements goes directly to his Nick's Kids charity.

This was the small town's seventh annual benefit dinner. Pete Rose, Kirk Cameron and Lou Ferrigno have spoken here in the past, but no one drew as big of a crowd as Saban.

"I don't know who has been here before, but it's a great opportunity," Saban said. "I grew up in a community a lot like this. Just people that have great values and serving other people is one of those things so having an opportunity to do that is something we look forward to."

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