Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Morning Six Pack: June 11, 2013 and 81 days until kickoff

https://blogger.googleusercontent.com/img/b/R29vZ2xl/AVvXsEgurXjqRt5kCzsnCVCTjZ7Gyyp9WivAe88qfqEe14epBFmfMtyzPfhGiCsGwL3-F6RXq4yTTVRR9O71PIMSERtsPOknHap3mVj7VhvNegAx3VAmXsdJTeYnrmsdx2-2gb6Y4EWQJ-ymSLo/s1600/msp.pngGroovin’ right along with the countdown and six new college football stories from around the country.

Father: Thomas wants to attend USC, not FSU

The father of Florida State incoming freshman linebacker Matthew Thomas said Monday night that his son wants to attend USC.

Badgers lose QB

Quarterback Danny O’Brien, who dropped to fourth on the Wisconsin depth chart in the spring and was expected to be No. 5 when camp opened in August, is leaving UW.

Saban’s speech in Tennessee causes a stir

Alabama coach Nick Saban’s planned appearance at a benefit event today in Tennessee shows the Crimson Tide-Volunteers rivalry is alive and well, even if it’s been one-sided in lately.

Auburn QB signee Jason Smith plans to attend prep school in fall

Smith threw for 1,566 yards and 19 touchdowns while running for 867 yards and 14 touchdowns in McGill-Toolen's spread offense last season. He was expected to compete for Auburn's starting job at quarterback this fall.

College football tradition continues to be compromised with allure of NFL system

2013 will be a significant year in college football. It will be the last year before the sport moves to a full blown playoff structure in the postseason. We’ve been discussing the BCS and the potential for a playoff for so many years …


Malzahn says "it didn't take long to figure out" the Iron Bowl rivalry when he arrived as the offensive coordinator in 2009. He doesn't expect his perspective on the rivalry to change, and neither does Saban.

"I have a lot of respect for Gus," Saban said. "I know him professionally. We've eaten together at places and all that. One thing is you don't have to dislike somebody to play against them. I never bought into that theory. We compete against a lot of people we have a lot of respect for -- even our good friends, even people who have worked for us for a long time and have done a tremendous job. That's not a part of it. That's not a part of professionalism. You have to compete against each other every day. It doesn't mean you don't respect the people you compete against. When you do respect them, it helps you do a better job."

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