Friday, June 28, 2013

Morning Six Pack: June 28 and 64 days until REAL football Friday! You know you want it. Six new college football stories from around the country, with lots of SEC flair and flavor.

ACL rehab behind him, OL Bradley Bozeman ready to be a 'monster' for Tide

Bozeman moved to Birmingham this summer to be closer to his personal trainer and is currently going through strength and endurance workouts.

Jeff Foxworthy spotted in Auburn gear

Jeff Foxworthy was spotted in Auburn Tiger gear today at Camp War Eagle. Foxworthy is known for his one liners that start with “You might be a redneck.”

Vols commit Wharton's hardest sell on UT might be teammate

As good of a football player as Vic Wharton III has been over the past three seasons, the versatile Independence standout also has exhibited some solid recruiting abilities since becoming the first member of the 2014 class to commit to Tennessee under Butch Jones.

QB Connor Shaw: Diving in June, surging in September?

South Carolina quarterback Connor Shaw has recovered well enough to go skydiving recently.

Southern Miss spokesman: Damon Evans won't be Golden Eagles' next AD

Former Georgia athletic director Damon Evans is not a candidate for the same position at Southern Miss, a school spokesman said Thursday.


Well, let me begin with a story from my own college experience. Like Manziel, I had a car in college (admittedly, not a Mercedes). And like Manziel, I got a few parking tickets. Everyone who has ever spent any time on a college campus knows there are no bigger sticklers for rules and regulations than campus meter maids. Well, let's just say my diligence about paying them became a bit more lax as I got closer to graduation because, really, what did it matter at that point? As it turns out, it mattered enough that the school stuck the tickets on my final tuition bill, which of course needed to be paid in full before I walked at graduation. I don't remember my reaction. I was probably more amused than angry. But I do know this: If Twitter had existed in 1998, there's a very good chance I would have tweeted about this little nugget. And considering I was 22 and not yet employed by a major media organization (or any employer, for that matter), it's quite likely my tweets would have lacked the same filter my more measured 37-year-old self employs.

I've only met Manziel once. He was pleasant and engaging. Perhaps I caught him on a good day and he's actually an egomaniacal punk when the recorder is off. I couldn't tell you. The real question is this: Are we really sure "many other football stars have been in this exact situation and have handled it a lot classier than he has?" Or is it possible that many previous stars were just as naïve or immature -- if not more so -- but their off-field lives didn't unfold in real time? Prior to the past few years, the only glimpse the public got into any college athlete's personality came through media interviews -- most of which take place in carefully controlled settings chosen by protective school public relations handlers. Now, thanks to Facebook and Twitter, we're seeing what some of these stars are really like when the cameras aren't running, and we're finding out -- shocker -- that they act like college kids. Manziel is the most prominent athlete to share as much information as he does, and that tendency has certainly backfired on him a few times. Is that "a case of his ego being out of hand?" Possibly. But I'd be willing to bet that plenty of other former Heisman winners would have gotten themselves into hot water had Twitter existed during their day.

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Kathleen Javaheri said...

I think your comments in the "Quotable" section for this day are absurd. Twitter has been around since 2006 (FaceBook even longer) and "kids" have always been attracted to the latest and greatest - according to my own 18 year old, FaceBook is now old hat... Getting back to my comment, since 2006 and prior to Manziel winning the Heisman and becoming the legend in his own mind that he now is, Twitter was around and none of the previous winners in the age of Twitter has been such a self-aggrandizing jerk (for lack of a better term): '07 Tebow UF; '08 Bradford UO; '09 Ingram UA; '10 Newton AU; or '11 Griffin BU. Frankly, I don't think everybody needs to know anyone's every thought or feeling whenever they think or feel them. There used to be a time when parents taught their children - "If you don't have something nice to say, don't say anything." Certainly if you need to vent, you do it privately to a friend or two; you don't do it to thousands of "followers" on social media. And to call a 22 year old man a "kid?" PLEASE! A 22 year old is considered an adult in every sense of the word - except if he's an exceptional athlete. At 22 years old I was already married and had a responsible, full time job - as do many other people. Do you dismiss the stupid criminals who perform dumb acts (i.e. the UA tea-bagger in NOLA) who record themselves or get recorded by others and then post their activities on line? NO - because those idiots deserve whatever they get. Same goes for these coddled, self-important athletes. Some of these athletes because of their talent have never been told "no" or apparently taught self-control or class by parents or coaches anywhere along the line. If they get caught posting stupid crap on Twitter or FaceBook, don't they equally deserve what repercussions come from their own brain and posts? They're too dumb to have figured out that once posted - even deleted messages are never gone on the internet - internet postings are FOREVER. Manziel (along with every other elite college athlete) should get his head out of the sand and take a big boy reality pill - you and only you are responsible for what you say and do. If you don't want to be judged by the stupid crap you post on line; quit posting stupid crap on line!

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