Monday, May 14, 2012

James Franklin favors divisional records deciding SEC

James Franklin favors divisional records deciding SEC representatives | Vanderbilt
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Put Vanderbilt's James Franklin on the same side of the aisle as SEC coaching veterans Steve Spurrier and Les Miles.

When it comes to which teams qualify for the SEC Championship Game in Atlanta, the Commodores' second-year football coach thinks divisional records can paint a more accurate depiction of the rightful representatives than overall SEC records.

Franklin agreed that unbalanced conference schedules can lead to potentially unbalanced results in comparison with other divisional schools, as was previously noted by South Carolina's Spurrier and echoed by LSU's Miles. "I think it (going be divisional records) makes a whole lot of sense," Franklin said.
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When the league makes its annual pilgrimage to Destin this summer, this idea will be discussed and debated, with most reasonable observers believing that it has virtually NO chance of success. You might as well split the conference.

By then however, every coach in the conference will have weighed in.


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