Monday, May 14, 2012

Vince Dooley is Swamp People, y'all

Legendary coach Vince Dooley finds ancestral home in the swampy delta
Published on Mobile | shared via feedly
Near the mouth of the Spanish River, just west of Delvan Bay in the Mobile-Tensaw Delta, stands a copse of trees surrounded by a swampy meadow of chest-high panic grass.

Tromping through the swaying grasses a few weeks ago, bracing himself on a stout piece of driftwood, legendary Georgia football coach Vince Dooley headed for his family’s ancestral home, which once stood on the island where the small forest now grows.

Though the house has long since burned down, the signs of past habitation beneath the trees were unmistakable. A tumbledown pile of bricks marked the kitchen’s fireplace. The heap of iron plates were the relic bits of a wood stove. A sheet of metal, enameled and white like a kitchen appliance, lay twisted in vines. Rusted cast iron spelling out the words “Good Home” was once the side of a sewing machine treadle mechanism. Figs, not yet ripe, hung from a huge fig tree planted long ago, likely the only one of its kind in the entire Delta.
Via Ben Raines of the Mobile Press-Register.

Be sure to visit the site for the whole, fascinating article. Also, check out the photos in the gallery.


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