Monday, May 14, 2012

Morning Six Pack: May 14, 2012

imageAs you bless the local convenience store operator for opening so early and keeping the beer cold for you, check out these six college football stories from around the country.

Iowa AD wants to raise bowl eligibility bar

However the college football championship game discussion plays out next month, one thing is clear on at least one Midwestern campus.

The University of Iowa's top athletics department administrator wants to improve the quality of teams that participate in bowl games.

ACC should be worried about Florida State possibly going to Big 12

Eight months ago, the Big 12 looked dead. Now, after a weekend bombshell, can the Big 12 grab a brand name and set off another round of As the Conferences Turn? After months of Internet rumors of Florida State to the Big 12, someone attached his name to the money-grab idea.

The Big Ten’s Jim Delany needs to get over his SEC obsession

It’s not enough that Delany continues to blurt out ideas for a college football playoff, each one geared to benefit the Big Ten. Can’t blame the guy for that. He’s trying to protect and promote the conference of which he is commissioner. In the process, though, Delany keeps taking swipes at a certain team from a certain conference that won a certain championship last season.

Idaho player shot and killed in California

"It's a devastating loss," coach Robb Akey said. "We've lost a brother, a teammate, a family member. But, more importantly, a momma lost her son today. All of our prayers go to the family – that they can be strong in their healing from this tragedy."

Preach it, Brother Will

It had the feel of a good old fashioned Southern revival meeting. A large crowd of boosters were on hand last week in Orlando to listen to the gospel of Florida Gators football presented by the man put in charge to lead it, Will Muschamp. Muschamp's tent was the packed auditorium at Full Sail Live and his pulpit was center stage in front a giant Gators logo. It was there, surrounded by huge TV screens that projected his image to the masses, that Muschamp delivered his message to those clad head to toe in blue and orange.

Ex-Miami AD Paul Dee dead at age 65

The man who was in charge of the NCAA committee that slapped near-historic sanctions on the USC football program in 2010 has died, multiple media outlets in the Miami are reporting. The University of Miami confirmed to the Miami Herald that Paul Dee died over the weekend.

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