Sunday, May 15, 2011

Tressel hires Lightfoot Franklin mega-lawyer

image Give embattled Ohio State Head Football Coach Jim Tressel credit for knowing when to call in the really big guns. Tressel has hired Gene Marsh, the former Faculty Athletics Representative for the University of Alabama. Marsh has also chaired the NCAA’s Committee on Infractions.

He is currently a senior partner at the juggernaut law firm Lightfoot Franklin & White, the same Birmingham firm that represents Auburn Universty, Auburn grad and accused conspirator Robert Geddie and Colonial Bank’s former CEO, Bobby Lowder.

So why did Tressel go to Marsh?

Marsh is a 1978 graduate of Ohio State and has a longstanding relationship with the Buckeyes’ AD, Gene Smith.

Last Friday, Marsh laid down the first gauntlet by telling the Cleveland Plains Dealer that Tressel would not consider resigning.  Should the Buckeyes bad news get any worse—and some media types speculate that it will—they may be in the uncomfortably expensive position of having to fire him.

Of course, if the NCAA issues a show cause order on The Vest, Ohio State gets out of the contract without having to pay a buyout (Tressel would be separated for cause).

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