Friday, May 13, 2011

Alabama Democrats’ Five Point Plan for Failure

image Laughable.

Let’s run these down to show why, if Alabama Democrats really do follow this plan, they will be wandering the wilderness for decades to come. Which, of course, is fine by me. I hope they go with it.

1. Blame the messenger. “The worst thing going for Democrats in America is Fox News,” Mark Kennedy said. “How many times have you gone in the drug store or the dentist, and they have it on? They’ve got their talking points down pat, and they are being broadcast all over the country every day.”

Really, Mark? The reason why Democrats got their butts kicked in November is because Fox News? I think the real reason is that for the first time since 1992, Democrats had full control of the levers of power in government and once the American people saw what they were doing with that control, we recoiled in disgust. The tea party movement wasn’t started by Fox. It was started by ordinary people who make up the center-right majority of this country’s electorate and who got your message loud and clear and wanted none of it.

2. Disintegrate. Kennedy calls for a “grassroots organization” in Alabama, and shift authority down to county level volunteers and activists. Conservatives think this is a GREAT idea, because it will permanently isolate the power brokers in Alabama Education Association and Alabama Democratic Conference. But I hold little hope that Paul Hubbert and Joe Reed will ever relinquish control until they either die of old age or land in federal prison. Such a move would also likely empower conservative Democrats who are more likely to work with Republicans in the state to achieve real, bipartisan reform. Unfortunately for the left wing of the party, it would also mean the end of liberalism in the state.

3. Embrace Obama. Y’all go right ahead and tie that millstone around your neck again. How’d it turn out for you in 2010? The only reason why Obama’s public image isn’t underwater right now is because the Nobel Peace Prize winner ordered the assassination of Osama bin Laden. Ask George Bush 41 how long that bump will last.

4. Alienate and destroy centrist/conservative Democrats. Kennedy wants to make sure that everyone who abandoned the party and switched to Republican are defeated in 2012. You may want to have a brief chat with Richard Shelby, who switched to the GOP after the 1994 Glorious Revolution and has served honorably ever since, never facing a serious threat. This is Alabama. Conservative Democrats in this state have voting records that would make establishment Republicans from the Northeast blush in embarrassment over their lack of conservative cajones. You shouldn’t be alienating those conservative Democrats. You should be embracing and listening to them. They didn’t abondon you. You abandoned them.

5. Get mean and fight. Oh, yeah. That’s exactly what ordinary Alabamians want to see—a bunch of grown men and women acting like SEIU and ACORN thugs who have threatened, intimidated and beaten ordinary Americans for disagreeing with their agenda. Alabamians—like the rest of the center-right majority that is disgusted with thug tactics and strong-arm politics—want their leaders to work together and serve the people, not themselves. We don’t want massive intrusions of government into our daily lives and we don’t want thugs screaming in our faces when we organize and speak out about a government that is spending this country into oblivion.

But if it’s a fight you want, it’s a fight you’ll get, and I’m betting on the little guy who sees too much of his paycheck supporting your bloated idea of utopia and spoiling any chance of his children or grandchildren being able to support themselves and their own families.

You’ve already seen the term twice in this blog post but it’s worth repeating again, just in case you’re particularly leftist and angry: This country is governed by a center-right majority. You lost the 2010 election because you went off into left field and if you stick to the same old same old, we’re gonna kick your asses again in 2012. We’ll run Donald Duck in 2012 and beat you.

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