Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Progressives and the race card

It's a decades-old ploy that the progressive left have nearly perfected.  If any debate or controversy can be framed in race, it is.  Our President was supposed to have been the "post-racial" regime.  It has been anything but.  From the day he announced his candidacy for the highest office in the land, right through the recent weeks' announcements that two prominent black Democrats would face ethics charges, allegations of racially-motivated opposition surface as soon as the progressive left realizes that the targets are black Democrats.

Progressives use race first as a weapon.  They wield it as a massive club, seeking to bludgeon opponents into shamed silence.  "How dare you oppose Barack Obama's policies.  You are obviously a RACIST." Progressives fetch that weapon with such regularity because it works so bloody well, especially against other liberals.  White guilt is a prominent psychological malady among Caucasian upper-middle class liberals.  They're ashamed of slavery.  They're ashamed of Jim Crow.  They're ashamed of the white backlash against the Civil Rights movement, and not just in the south.  The weapon is also effective against moderates, who would rather be caught dead than be accused of having ulterior motives in supporting or opposing a policy matter.  Thus, use of racial bias is effective in cobbling together the however slight majority is needed to implement new progressive policies or seat progressive advocates in positions of power.  Opposition to healthcare reform was framed as racist.  Opposition to Justice Sotomayor's nomination to the Supreme Court was framed as racist.  The ethics allegations against Charlie Rangel and Maxine Waters are being framed as racist.  It goes on and on because it's effective.

The Rangel and Waters cases demonstrate another way that the progressive left uses race.  When their bludgeoning has failed to produce a desired result, progressives use race as a shield and quickly retreat behind it.  The plummeting approval ratings of both Congress and the White House, according to progressives, have nothing to do with the public's rejection of the radical leftist agenda.  It's because Barack Obama is black.  The charges against Rangel and Waters are racially motivated because well, it's Congress and everybody does it and why single out blacks?  And who can forget what the first allegations against Arizona Governor Jan Brewer and her state's new immigration enforcement law were?

Enough moderate and conservative black citizens have decided to take their own stands.  People like Anita Moncrief, Deroy Murdock, Thomas Sowell, Colonel Allen West and a host of others are weathering "Uncle Tom" and Oreo criticism for recognizing the flaws in progressive policy and standing up as Americans.

Moderates, swing voters and ordinary Americans can stop the race-card foolishness by joining Moncrief, Murdock, Sowell, West et al by simply refusing to play along with the progressives. If you are opposed to a policy change or a candidate, or if you believe charges of corruption are founded in basic American principles of freedom, smaller government and the rule of law, you state that and steadfastly defend your views. Articulate your reasoning and calmly explain the logic behind your position.  Snatch the bludgeon--or the shield--from the progressives' hands, and toss it aside.  Make them defend their views on the merits of their arguments.  If black conservatives can do it, the mushy middle can too, if they decide to use the spine their Creator placed in their backs.

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