Monday, November 4, 2019

Washington Nationals' Kurt Suzuki dons #MAGA hat during White House ceremony

I've never been a big fan of Major League Baseball. I've followed an old family affinity for the Chicago Cubs, but I always lose interest in the playoffs once they're out (yeah, their 2016 World Series victory was nice). My interest in the game is best described as something that distracts me while waiting for football season.

So... I had no rooting interest in the 2019 World Series.

This however made me a fan of Kurt Suzuki. Anyone in the public eye brave enough to pull a stunt like this is one of the good guys. People like Suzuki are not supposed to be pro-Trump. Athletes and Actors are supposed to be vitriolic in expressing contempt for him.
Naturally, the reaction from the lefty Twitterati Bluecheckers was nasty. Go here to feel the outrage.


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