Monday, June 13, 2016

What’s a liberal to do after Orlando massacre?

Serious question: What’s a liberal to do when a member of a protected group attacks and kills scores of members of another protected, persecuted and much maligned group?

On Saturday, the radical islamic jihadi Omar Mateen pledged his allegiance to ISIS. He then took his brand new arsenal of high powered weapons into a crowded LGBT bar and shot the place up. In his wake were 50 dead—including himself.

In liberals’ warped idea of the utopian universe, this wasn’t supposed to happen.

There are two immutable truths at work here, neither of which a liberal can or even wants to comprehend: First, radical islam hates homosexuality and second, the LGBT movement loves celebrating and showing off their homosexuality.

It doesn’t take a Nobel peace prize winner to figure out what’s gonna happen sooner or later. But God love’em, the left never saw Orlando coming.

The whole progressive culture machine is at a loss. They can’t admit that an allegedly persecuted group hates another allegedly persecuted group so much that Group A will faithfully murder Group B. Doing so would be admitting that they were wrong, and liberals never admit they were wrong.

So what’s the progressive culture machine left to do?


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