Sunday, June 12, 2016

At LEAST Fifty dead, dozens more wounded in Orlando terrorist attack; Muslim leader blames ‘mass shootings.’

There are at least fifty people dead as a result of a radicalized Muslim who, according to authorities, carefully planned and came prepared to kill in the name of his God.

At about 2:00 am local time, Omar Mateen, 29, walked into the Pulse club in Orlando, opened fire and killed at least fifty innocent Americans. He left dozens others wounded, many in critical condition.

Fox News has the story:

The gunman was identified as Omar Mateen, Rep. Alan Grayson said during a Sunday morning press conference. Mateen was a U.S. citizen, Grayson said, though that was "not true of other family members of his." Mateen, 29, lived in Fort Pierce, Fla. He was born in the U.S. to parents of Afghan origin and was a Muslim, Fox News confirmed.

Authorities were going through Mateen's belongings on Sunday morning trying to identify a motive for the attack, Grayson said.

"More likely than not that it was an ideologically motivated attack," Grayson said, though he said it was unclear if Mateen was linked to any terror groups.

The mainstream media won’t go there, but I damned sure will: as the Fort Hood and San Bernardino massacres showed us, a whacked out jihadi like Omar doesn’t need funding or direction from ISIS or Al Qaeda to wreak havoc on innocent American citizens. All he needs is the insanity of radical Islam and an Imam willing to brush off the mayhem by shifting blame:

Imam Muhammad Musri said police have determined there has been no connection to anyone else. No, police have not said that, they said they are still investigating. Now he’s saying we have to look to issue of mass shootings, ‘we must do something to stop the mass shootings that are happening all the time’. On the other hand, he said people should not ‘jump to conclusions’ as to blame, that we must ‘come together.’

No sir, Imam. What we need to stop are people teaching radical interpretations of the Quran while shifting blame to a non-existent trend in mass shootings.

The current administration wants to import thousands of undocumented refugees from radicalized Muslim countries into the U.S. GOP nominee Donald Trump was widely criticized for calling for a halt in resettlement of these refugees until we can better determine where they’re from and what they’re up to. Given that (1), the likelihood of our government developing a vetting system that works is negligible and (2), we have San Bernardino, Fort Hood and now Orlando as evidence of what they’re gonna be up to if they’ve found ‘religion’, it sounds like Mr. Trump has the right plan and Democrats have the wrong one. (but I repeat myself there, don’t I?)

Exit question: If you were a betting man or woman, what odds would you lay that the club attacked last night was a supposed ‘Gun Free Zone?’ Or, phrased another way, if you were a radical jihadi bent on killing dozens of infidels, where would you choose to open fire? A place where you know people can’t shoot back.


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