Sunday, January 27, 2013

Morning Six Pack: January 27, 2013

Sunday Brunch. Jazz. Eggs, bacon and these six college football stories from around the country.

Ex-Vol Nu’Keese Richardson to give NAIA ball a go

When last we heard from Nu’Keese Richardson, he had dropped down from the FBS level to the JUCO ranks in an attempt to restart what was at one time a promising playing career.

Auburn's Gus Malzahn regularly showing support at basketball games

Malzahn has regularly made appearances at basketball games, both during Auburn's recruiting weekends with official visitors and with his family.

Former Tennessee coach Dooley joining Cowboys

Former Tennessee coach Derek Dooley is headed to the Dallas Cowboys as wide receivers coach.

Mark Stoops Recruiting Strong at Kentucky

In Kentucky, horse racing is viewed as a religion. To those of us in The Commonwealth, it is common knowledge that you want a thoroughbred that finishes the race strong. The parallels to the old Kentucky tradition can be made with new head coach Mark Stoops’ recruiting as well.

Mom to receive Manuel's Senior Bowl MVP trophy

Quarterback said he played Saturday's all-star game for his mother, who has been diagnosed with cancer and is scheduled for surgery on Friday.


When Nick Saban talked to Chase Goodbread of The Tuscaloosa News and other reporters in Mobile last week, he indicated that Alabama would show moderation with texts and tweets, but what of the other 100 schools trying to close the gap with Alabama?

Will there be a nightmare scenario where recruits are completely overwhelmed with unsolicited attention? Hopefully not, although it is hard not to worry about the ramifications.

There are probably a couple of reasons the NCAA opted to trim down the rule book. The organization has been loudly criticized for concentrating on piddling rules, such as too many texts, while programs that the public (or at least the media) see as the "real" cheaters run rampant.

Eliminating some "trivial" rules will theoretically free the NCAA Enforcement Staff, which clearly doesn't need too much on its plate given its competence level, to concentrate its resources on bigger fish.

"Our goal is smarter rules and tougher enforcement," Clemson University president James Barker said.

That is an admirable goal but one that may not serve to level the playing field, a concept that the NCAA seems less and less inclined to try to enforce.

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