Saturday, January 26, 2013

Morning Six Pack: January 26, 2013

Now, honestly… How many times have you written 2012 on your checks? Well, me too. Here, check out these six college football stories from around the country.

Harris holds rally on anniversary of JoePa funeral

More than 250 Penn State alumni braved the icy roads and snowy conditions to attend ''Upon Further Review: Penn State One Year Later'' Friday night at the Radisson Casino Hotel.

LSU Gives Les Miles Raise, Contract Extension

LSU head football coach Les Miles is about to receive a raise, contract extension that will make him one of the highest paid coaches in the nation.

It’s official: Purdue hires Shoop as OC

Purdue has made the hiring of John Shoop official one day after reports surfaced about the move.

Report: Conference alliance brewing?

Big 12 commissioner Bob Bowlsby told the Austin American-Statesman on Friday that the Big 12 is exploring an alliance with the ACC and two other unnamed conferences.

Report: Dr. Phil to interview Tuiasosopo

The story of the Manti Te'o girlfriend hoax reached another level Friday when TMZ Sports reported that Dr. Phil has landed the first exclusive interview with Ronaiah Tuiasosopo, the person who allegedly orchestrated the hoax.

Dr. Phil? ladies and gentlemen, we have jumped the shark on this story.


I testified in front of the House Subcommittee on the Constitution in September 2004 in a hearing entitled “Due Process and the NCAA.” The purpose of that hearing was to discuss conduct of NCAA investigations and adjudication by the COI focusing on the lack of due process afforded those involved in the investigations. I opened my oral statement stating, “There are facts and opinions on all sides of these issues, but let me address these issues from the perspective of a person who has been through two major infractions investigations and who is a person who once vigorously defended the very processes that Ms. Potuto just defended. But I'm also a person who has had my career and reputation ruined by this patently unconstitutional and unfair process. This is not a process that truly punishes the rule breakers. It is a process that can ruin careers and trample rights all at the same time. It is simply a process that is un-American and threatens the very foundation of higher education in America.” Again, this has been allowed to happen and the investigators have needed to be investigated for several years—not just today.

The enforcement staff generally includes inexperienced investigators from various professional backgrounds that have been given an immense amount of power. Even without subpoena power, which I acknowledge is a weakness, some investigators may have become drunk with power through the impact of fear and doing things similar to what happened at Miami. The involved investigators just didn’t think this up, there had to be previous protocol or examples where this strategy was used before. From an organization that has used secret witnesses that the accused could not confront and paid legal defense money for those same witnesses in a subsequent legal action, we should not be surprised—or shocked at what happened in the Miami case. 

The NCAA is backpedaling right now, and this certainly isn’t the only front its battling on. Former USC assistant football coach Todd McNair has an active lawsuit against the NCAA in which the presiding judge strongly noted the NCAA investigative tactics were over the top.

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