Monday, January 28, 2013

Morning Six Pack: January 28, 2013

Mondays always get a little easier to bear when you start’em right. So, here are six cold, fresh college football stories from around the country.

Mom to receive Manuel's Senior Bowl MVP trophy

Quarterback said he played Saturday's all-star game for his mother, who has been diagnosed with cancer and is scheduled for surgery on Friday.

lump sum to Houston Nutt

Mississippi has agreed to pay former coach Houston Nutt a lump sum of $4.35 million to complete his contract buyout.

Countdown to Signing Day: A look back at the top 10 3-star recruits of the Nick Saban era at Alabama

Plenty of in-state players and linemen went on to perform at a high level during their Alabama careers after being slotted as three-star recruits.

RECRUITING: Ole Miss doing a GREAT job at recruiting this year

Ole Miss is doing an incredible job of recruiting this year. Whenever you see a middle of the pack team suddenly come into its own on the recruiting trail, it doesn’t raise any suspicions at all. After all, top recruits who want to make a living playing professional football one day very often choose to go places that don’t typically make that happen for college football players.

Virginia Tech’s Antone Exum tears ACL

Earlier this month, Antone Exum announced that he would be foregoing early entry into the NFL draft and returning to Virginia Tech for another year. Sadly, especially for a young man known for classy gestures off the field, his return to on-the-field action in 2013 is very much up in the air.


Though I should have known better, I still held out hope in the form of Miami. Screwing up the Miami investigation would be too big of a feat, I figured. After all, convicted Ponzi schemer and Miami booster Nevin Shapiro fully admitted to throwing sex and drug yacht parties for Miami recruits and even funding an abortion for one of their girlfriends.

But fortunately for Miami, we learned for certain last Wednesday that the NCAA’s incompetence knows no bounds. NCAA President Mark Emmert announced in a statement that the NCAA Infractions Committee bungled its investigation by mishandling at least two depositions while working with an attorney for Shapiro. In essence, the NCAA worked with Shapiro’s bankruptcy attorney to ask witnesses in his bankruptcy case deposition questions pertaining to the Miami investigation, thus obtaining information — under oath — it could not otherwise get. Let’s just say that the chances this attorney keeps her license are pretty slim.

As a result, the long-anticipated notice of allegations against Miami will not be released until an external review of the investigation occurs within the next two weeks. Emmert confirmed that none of the evidence collected illegally will be used in the report and that some of the investigators are no longer working on the case — what a relief, right?


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