Friday, December 21, 2012

Who cares if Johnny Manziel scored pricey courtside seats?

Via Grahan Watson at Dr. Saturday:

There is no story here. There is no controversy to be debated. Johnny Manziel says he bought the ticket(s) himself:

imageFans jumping on this as if it were some huge NCAA case in the making are of the same mindset as that bunch of Auburn fans who jumped all over the T-Town Menswear non-issue in summer 2011. They cobbled together a bunch of pictures posted on Facebook, showing current and former Alabama football players hamming it up with a Tuscaloosa clothier and concluded that those players absolutely must be taking improper benefits.

Much to the chagrin of Teh Fambly and the two gossip sites that ran with the story, nothing ever came of that. As with this Johnny Football non-issue, there’s no there, there.

Even if Manziel’s family wasn’t well off (they are) and even if he couldn’t afford the courtside view (he can), players have access to all sorts of financial assistance that’s well within the bounds of NCAA rules.

They’re free to use that money for damned near anything they want to spend it on. Clothes. Transportation. Swag. Courtside seats. Whatever.

People jumping on this and screaming foul are making themselves look as foolish as those knuckleheads still steaming over suits, Dodge Chargers and fishing trips. Grow up, people.

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