Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Browns' Trent Richardson doesn't see Saban in the NFL, either

Browns RB Trent Richardson Says Nick Saban Would Be A Great NFL Coach - CBS Cleveland
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“I think he’d be an excellent coach at any level. … He’s determined to be the best at what he does, no matter what program you’ve got going on or what type of league you’re in. That’s Coach Saban — he’s very determined. And he has a purpose for everything he does. He wanted to be the best coach in college football and can’t nobody tell me that, to this day, Coach Saban’s not one of the best coaches in college football right now. He’s up there with Coach Bryant when you talk about the great legend coaches right now. He’s a living legend right now, as we speak. Can he be a great NFL coach? I think he can, because it’s just him. Whatever he’s gotta do to switch around a program, that’s what he’ll do. Do I think he’ll come to the NFL? I don’t know. That’s going to be pretty hard. College is so intense, and you’re just playing football. When he gets to NFL it’s more of the business side. … Would he go back to the NFL? I doubt it.”

On his belief that Saban won’t make such a move:

“I can’t really see that. I’d be very surprised. People say money changes your thoughts, but it’s something else when you just love the game.”

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