Wednesday, December 12, 2012

BCS Championship Game is a Tough Ticket

image But there are still plenty available. Via our site sponsor, seats are available from around $1,600. If you’re swimming in cash, you can score a luxury Sideline Corner Suite for $264,000.

Both Alabama and Notre Dame ticket offices were overwhelmed with ticket requests, so if anyone not at the top of the donor lists want to see this historic matchup between traditional titans of college football, third party resellers are pretty much the only option left. has been a fantastic supporter of IBCR and our sister site, They’ve donated $100 gift cards to worthy causes—including a fundraiser for a cancer patient and other great promotions.

There are no hidden fees at SeatCrunch. All prices you see at the link are up-front. There are absolutely no processing, handling or other fees. You pay the price shown and shipping ($14.00 Fed Ex two-day air). And of course, all tickets listed are backed by a 100% Guarantee.

IBCR reader and Twitter follower @elizsim1 used a $100 credit to buy tickets to the SEC Championship Game, where she saw the dramatic finish between Alabama and Georgia. Her experience couldn’t have been better.

If you’re planning to go to the game and you’ll be buying your tickets through a third party reseller, please give SeatCrunch a try. You’ll get what you pay for at a competitive price and you’ll support this blog and all we do here.

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