Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Pat Dye: Chizik worth more than "Ten Sabans"

Montgomery QB Club: Chizik worth more than '10 Sabans,' Auburn's Pat Dye says
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Legendary former Auburn football coach Pat Dye urged the crowd of more than 100 at the Montgomery Quarterback Club on Tuesday night to support the current head coach, Gene Chizik, and the players during the Tigers’ tough 1-3 start.
“Don’t question the guy we got leading the program,” said Dye, who reminded the crowd of Chizik’s part in three undefeated teams, including Auburn’s 2004 and 2010 squads. “I wouldn’t swap him for 10 (Alabama coach Nick) Sabans.
Saban is the best coach in the country — I’ll grant him that. But he ain’t a better man than Gene Chizik.”
Yep. He really said it.

Nobody doubts that Gene Chizik is a good man. Maybe Nick Saban ain't a better man. But this much is true--Saban is a better man than Pat Dye.


Because Nick Saban would sooner die than say such things about anyone else associated with college football. He was seen a few times in last night's premier of Storied, the Sylvester Croom documentary about the former Alabama football player who was hired and then summarily dumped by Mississippi State. Saban went out of his way to praise Croom as a man and as a coach.

During the height of the meltdown at Penn State last November, Saban again went out of his way to praise the once-legendary Joe Paterno even as others were trashing him and his legacy.

Could you ever imagine Saban comparing two men and proclaiming that one is even a little better than the other?

Yeah. Me either.


Jeff Taylor said...

Pat Dye has become an embarrassment to Auburn University. Every time the man opens his mouth alumni cringe in horror. Dye doesn't realize it because he's surrounded by his "down home cuz" group of cronies who think it's all funny. I love the guy, and I love what he did for Auburn, but it's time for Pat to actually retire and stay on the farm.

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