Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Morning Six Pack: September 26, 2012 and football are proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy. Same with these six college football stories from around the country.

Pick 6: Resetting the Heisman Trophy Race

Matt Barkley has slipped back into the pack and Montee Ball has fallen off the board completely. Landry Jones? You can probably take him off the list, too. Same with Tyler Wilson.

College has logo mix-up on football field

Tiny school penalizes its school logo five yards, paints it on the 45-yard line.


Texas A&M Announces Kyle Field Renovation

The Texas A&M Aggies moved to a new college football neighborhood and the current digs just won’t do.

Wesley Tate speaks cautiously about Golden's controversial TD

Tate heard it from both sides Tuesday as he made his way to classes around Vanderbilt.

USC DB hospitalized with breathing issue

Defensive back Brian Baucham remains hospitalized because of an unspecified breathing issue that occurred after the fifth-year senior played in Saturday's game against California, a person close to the situation said Monday.


Notre Dame-Michigan, a rivalry that seemed as perennial as Santa Claus, instead will go the way of Texas-Texas A&M, Missouri-Kansas and other rivalries sacrificed to mammon. It is one more piece of wreckage on the side of the road to realignment.

It may provide solace to realize that 20 years ago, the Oklahoma-Nebraska rivalry carried the same sort of prestige that Notre Dame and Michigan carry today. Times change, and time heals. Dumping Michigan surely is a decision that no one at Notre Dame wanted to make. But make it Notre Dame did. College football will live on.

Just don't confuse the passage of time with progress. The disappearance of the Notre Dame-Michigan rivalry doesn't make college football better. The fairy tale that Michigan and Notre Dame told us has been traded for another tale, in which a boy named Jack trades the family cow for a sack of magic ACC beans.

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