Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Arkansas AD Long still supports Smith and team

Arkansas AD Jeff Long 'Stedfastly' Supports Arkansas Coaches, Razorback Players
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Arkansas Athletic Director Jeff Long spoke Wednesday at the Northwest Arkansas TD Club and addressed the state of the football program.

Arkansas enters Saturday’s game at Texas A&M 1-3 overall after opening the season in the Top 10.  Long said he continues to support the current staff and players.

“I remain steadfastly behind this group of young men and this coaching staff,” Long said.
Long added: "Supporting this team is best for the short term and the long term" and Long said he will fulfill his commitment to the staff and players he made in April.
Grab the original here. Check that site later for more updates.

According to some of the folks I follow on Twitter, a member of the audience asked Long if he thought Smith had been an embarrassment to the program. Long declined to answer that question.

While this is known as the dreaded "kiss of death" in AD-coach relationships, everyone knew Smith had almost no chance of shedding the interim tag and returning under a long term contract. He'd have to be 3-1 and looking competitive.

Sadly, the team is nowhere near that level of play or confidence. It's going to be a long season for the Hawg Nation.


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