Friday, August 24, 2012

Morning Six Pack: August 24, 2012

imageBeer and football are proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy. So, enjoy these six college football stories from around the country.

The BCS spent $1.5 million on lobbyists. The NCAA $1.92 million.

Throwing their weight around.

Mississippi State confirms NCAA looking into “recruiting irregularities”

Mississippi State has confirmed that they can’t even cheat right. 

2012 Alabama football preview: 'It's kind of a talent overload, man'

On a team built from the inside out, a new constellation of stars is ready to rise and reach for a third national championship in the past four years.

Quinn looks for aggression from defense

Like most coaches, Dan Quinn took time to evaluate his first season as Florida's defensive coordinator. One of Quinn's regrets? The Gators weren't aggressive enough going after the quarterbacks.

USC now posts their player’s Twitter names on their official bios

In case you ever wanted a list of the Southern California Trojan football player’s Twitter handles, look no further, they are now on the official USC site


We don't know much about Missouri, but what has struck me is the enthusiasm from Missouri fans, and the wanting to know everything about the SEC has really impressed me, probably much more so than even A&M fans. I think A&M fans feel like they belong. Missouri fans, I run into various writers. I ran into someone from St. Louis at the Final Four, and he said, "Hey, you've got to tell me, where's the best place to go in this city and that city?" People are calling me from Kansas City and other places. It's kind of refreshing because we're so used to the SEC, living here, that there's a curiosity that I didn't anticipate.

I think Missouri has a chance to be a surprise team. We're sitting here in early August, but I think Missouri's going to beat Georgia on Sept. 8 and somewhat shock the world, and I think if that happens, Missouri will be in a position. It's still going to be difficult. There's some games I don't see them winning, like at South Carolina, home against Alabama. But I really think after that, there's some possibilities. Whether Missouri can get enough wins to get to Atlanta, I think I probably wouldn't bet my house on it. But I do think Vanderbilt, Kentucky are wins. If Florida doesn't do well, maybe you steal one there. If Tennessee implodes like I think they will, maybe you could win in Knoxville. … I think Georgia's vulnerable, and I think that was a classic scheduling matchup by the SEC that I think they must have been thinking, "There's a chance this could happen, and how good would that be for the league?"

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