Friday, August 24, 2012

Coach at center of two NCAA investigations to hold press conference to “clear name”

Byron De’Vinner, the former UAB football player and the 7-on-7 coach at the center of two NCAA investigations plans to hold a news conference to clear his name, according to reports. Matthew Stevens of the Columbus Dispatch sent the following tweets Friday morning:



De’Vinner, like many 7-on-7 coaches, believes that he and other members of his profession are being unfairly singled out in connection with the NCAA’s ongoing evaluations of the 7-on-7 phenomenon in youth football.

De’Vinner has been interviewed by the NCAA as part of two seemingly separate investigations. De’Vinner was the 7-on7 coach of Jovon Robinson, the Auburn freshman whose transcript was surreptitiously changed by a Memphis City Schools guidance counselor. Robinson has since been declared academically ineligible and will not play this year for Auburn.

De’Vinner also coached Mississippi State freshman Will Redmond. Mississippi State has confirmed that the NCAA is investigating what the school termed a “recruiting irregularity.” Media reports indicate that the investigation centers around a new Ford Mustang purchased for Redmond around signing day last February.

Bulldog coach Dan Mullen told reporters yesterday that Redmond continues to practice for the team.


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