Friday, July 20, 2012

Sun Sentinel: Duron Carter likely won't be eligible at FAU, either

Duron Carter is unlikely to play in 2012
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As mentioned earlier today, the Duron Carter situation is anything but done. Being accepted into the school and football program are two hurdles, but the biggest would be receiving eligibility for the 2012 football season.

It doesn't seem likely Carter will receive immediate eligibility on a hardship waiver, for which is what I've been told Carter will apply. So I went to the NCAA bylaws to see what Carter could use, if he wants to play next season.

I would also like to say that three years of studying constitutional law at the University of Missouri did not prepare me for the abysmal organization that is the NCAA.
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The story goes into how Carter would have to apply for a waiver if he transferred to another FBS school (which FAU is, of course). But according to John Infante on Twitter, the article above reaches the right conclusion but navigates the wrong way through the rules.

See here. See also here.

The only way Carter could gain immediate eligibility is to transfer to a FCS or Division II school.


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