Friday, July 20, 2012

Dyer: "Rumors of my transfer were greatly exaggerated," or something

Dyer Staying At Arkansas State For 2013 Season, Doesn't Plan To Enter NFL
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Michael Dyer plans to play for Arkansas State in 2013.

Dyer, dressed in a Red Wolves t-shirt, met with media on Friday to discuss his plans after a pair of eligibility appeals were denied by the NCAA. Dyer said the two options he considered were to stay and play in 2013 or leave in the spring for the NFL.

Transferring to a Division II schol would have allowed Dyer to be immediately eligible. He said that was never a consideration.

“The appeal was denied, but I've decided to come back, sit out and do what's best to help my teammates," Dyer said during the press conference carried live on 103.9 The Game in Jonesboro.
 Good for him.

Yesterday in this space, there was a report that he was considering another transfer after his NCAA hardship waiver was denied. The story made sense, given Dyer's history of selfish behavior and the fact that he will be draft eligible after the 2012 season.

If things hold up as reported by ArkansasSports360, then this may be a sign that the spoiled boy is growing into a responsible adult, and that's always a desirable outcome.


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