Friday, July 20, 2012

Should it stay or should it go now? If it goes there will be trouble...

... if it stays there will be double.
Conflicting reports about Joe Paterno statue
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On Friday, it looked like the tear-it-down camp had scored a victory.

The NFL Network's Kim Jones (a Penn State grad) first tweeted on Friday that Penn State planned to take the statue down this weekend. ESPN's Bonnie Bernstein also reported that the statue would be coming down over the weekend after the Penn State Board of Trustees voted to remove it during a conference call on Thursday night.

Not so fast. The BOT then responded.
Read the rest here.

Dear Penn State Trustees, acting President et al: At this point, there are about three people who care anymore. Just make up your damned mind, already.

Signed: Jaded Fans Everywhere


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