Saturday, July 21, 2012

Morning Six Pack: July 21, 2012

imageWhat other beverage provides both the confidence to approach her and the goggles to hide her flaws? I can’t think of one. Enjoy these six confidence building college football stories from around the country.

A Logical Experiment With Mike Leach And Oregon Trail

Of course this makes sense, and of course Mike Leach makes it to the promised land.

North Carolina will vacate 2008 records for games Hakeem Nicks played as ineligible player

Folks, if it weren’t for the Penn State disaster, this ongoing dumpster fire would be the biggest scandal in sports news. 

Speaking of dumpster fires… 

NCAA investigators spent several days in Miami earlier this month as part of an inquiry into the Hurricanes' athletic compliance practices.

Saban vows Alabama won't suffer from post-title letdown

The 2010 Alabama football team outscored its opponents by nearly 300 points, beat three top-10 teams and won 10 games, including a New Year's Day bowl. And it was a miserable failure.

Dear Leader Kim il-Delany will NOT get power to fire coaches

The Big Ten Conference will not give James E. Delany the power to fire rogue coaches, it said in a statement released on Friday.


Tom Moffitt, the strength and conditioning coach at Louisiana State University, disputed the assertion that there were more personnel involved with SEC teams. Moffit said L.S.U. had done research showing that the number of football players per strength and conditioning coaches in the SEC was 18.86. That was the lowest ratio in college football, but he said several other Bowl Championship Series conferences were within a player or two.

Moffitt also said that the restriction put players at risk because fewer strength coaches meant less supervision and less instruction about proper weight-lifting technique.

Other coaches said they were unsure just how welcome the larger message of the legislation was.

“Wake Forest is the smallest of the schools playing F.B.S., but we made the decision to play with the big boys; we’re not going to complain about it,” Grobe said. “If Coach Nick Saban wants to make Alabama the best program it can possibly be, should we restrict what he wants to do with his resources? I’d have to think about that.”

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