Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Report: Charges to be dropped against alleged Auburn victim of racial slur

Redding News Review Reports:Charges To Be Dropped Against Auburn Student Who Was Called Racial Slur
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The father of two Auburn students today says the charges will be dropped against his son who he says  was racially harassed by two Auburn football players.

Henry M. Carter, of Atlanta, says that the police chief of the Auburn Police Department assures him that the disorderly conduct charge against his 22-year-old son Kenya Carter will be dropped this week.

Kenya was arrested when the police were called to a local McDonalds last weekend. Auburn Police Capt. Thomas L. Stofer, a spokesman, had no knowledge of the charge being dropped. The elder Carter used Facebook to tell the story of how his son was wrongly arrested after his daughter and son had been racially harassed by two Auburn football players.

Via CBS Atlanta.

So far, Carter is the only one to have alleged the confrontation and as of this writing, there is no confirmation that racial slurs and other harassing language were involved.


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