Friday, July 20, 2012

Morning Six Pack: July 20, 2012

imageAlas, the hangover from the three day party that was SEC Media Days. Pick yourself up with these six college football stories from around the country.

Duron Carter son leaves Crimson Tide

That sound you hear is a collective yawn from the Bama Nation.

Jimbo Fisher bans players from Twitter

FSU football players will not be on Twitter anytime soon after coach Jimbo Fisher has banned his players from the site for a second time.

Oklahoma tops preseason Big 12 poll

… followed by West Virginia and then Texas.

The manager of Penn State ice cream store said that "Peachy Paterno" flavor will still be sold.

Wonderful, but who could ever keep something like that down, knowing what we know?

No love for Wisconsin’s Montee Ball?

Ball already has heard the chatter.  "The position I am in now, in the media and stuff, I can only do worse," Ball told during Wisconsin's spring practices. "Being honest with you, it sucks."


Saban's an easy target, because he's been so successful and so brash. And because he has the statue, and because Alabama fans, as the lobby of the Wynfrey Hotel on Thursday proved, are a bit obsessive about their football.

But you couldn't ask for a guy to run a program any better than he's run Alabama's. They had 38 on the conference's honor roll this year. They were second to Stanford — yeah, the nerdy bunch out west - in team GPA. And Alabama won its second national title in three seasons.

Plus, there's never been a hint — Auburn fans' black helicopter theories aside — of serious scandal with Saban, a rare feat in college athletics given his success.

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