Thursday, July 19, 2012

A kindler, gentler Bama Nation™

How powerful is Nick Saban? Media members couldn't use the bathroom while he went
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Today, meet an Alabama football fan named James Pellem, a 25-year-old hospital technician from Huntsville who spent the past two days collecting autographs from most SEC teams.

"Two or three years ago, I was one of the Alabama fans you did not want to be around," Pellem said. "I liked to talk a lot of mess. A lot of Alabama fans are just mean people. Of course, you want to beat Auburn bad on Saturday. But you know, when you meet these guys, it's hard to dislike them."
"If every Alabama fan that has some kind of bad blood could come and actually meet (Auburn players and Chizik), I think it would calm them down a little bit," Pellem said. "If they could actually stand here and hear how the Auburn guys talk to the Alabama kids or the older Alabama family, maybe they'll realize this is just a Saturday thing. I don't have to hate them every part of the year."
Fun piece from Jon Solomon.


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