Monday, July 23, 2012

Father accuses Auburn football players of racism and harassment

Redding News Review
Published on Redding News Review | shared via feedly
The Atlanta father of two Auburn University students is using social media to get justice for his children who he said they were racially harassed and one was sent to jail by two members of the Auburn football team.

Henry M. Carter, of Atlanta, says his daughter Shanice Carter, 20, and his son Kenya Carter, 22, were called N-word and his daughter was called a "bitch" by two members of the Auburn University football team, while at a McDonalds in Auburn on early Saturday morning.

The elder Carter wrote on Facebook: "Reese Dismukes and another person named Patrick [Miller] approach them in an aggressive manner. Calling my Daughter a 'Bitch' and 'N....r.' My son took offense to their aggression and they said they would crush him like they just crushed a CD that was placed on a table."
Get the original.

There is much more at the link, including audio of a radio interview with the elder Carter.

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