Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Morning Six Pack: June 12, 2012

imageIt’s called a Coffee Stout, and it may the the best beverage ever invented. The second best? These six college football stories from around the country.

Point: Auburn Shootings Raise Uncomfortable Questions

But tragedy, and the resulting calls for unity shouldn’t drown out honest questions. By allowing our emotions and fear of giving or receiving offense to cloud our ability to think critically, it hinders the pursuit of the uncomfortable truth.

Counter Point: Shooting incident isn’t an indictment of Tiger football program

The three victims in this case that are associated with the Auburn football program weren't shaving points, there's no indication that they were robbing anyone, and as far as we know, they weren't under the influence of marijuana nor were they carrying weapons.So what do those incidents have to do with the tragic events that took place at an Auburn apartment complex on Saturday night?

Red Wolves' Malzahn, Razorbacks' Smith Should Be OK In First Year

Programs in their first season under a new coach often go through an adjustment period. Schemes change. Personalities clash. It’s all part of the transition process. Think of how things went for Arkansas during that 5-7 season of 2008.

Playoff system? Get ready for your Boise State-types to have less access

Like those Boise State-esque stories every year, a have-not winning its way into a national title shot and its riches? Dennis Dodd says forget it when a playoff system happens; have-nots will get no seat at the table.

Artist Daniel Moore wins key issues in appeals case over Alabama paintings

Birmingham artist on the ruling: "We're ecstatic. This is huge."

UNC class almost exclusively filled with football players prompts investigation
The Sociology of Chair Stacking?

The Department of African and Afro-American Studies at North Carolina is under scrutiny after it was learned that more than a third of the enrollment of the department's 54 courses were football players.

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