Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Keystone Kops: Police raid wrong house searching for Auburn shooter UPDATE: Auburn chief denies report

UPDATE: Local law enforcement officials are denying the accuracy of this report.

Auburn Police Chief Tommy Dawson denied the Reuters report earlier. During a 10:00 am news conference, Dawson said the report was "absolutely not true. They did not hit the wrong house...I seriously doubt the FBI said that."

Montgomery Director of Public Safety Chris Murphy also denied that officials raided the wrong house, saying ""I spoke to that agent this morning, and he was misquoted."

The Reuters story excerpted below cites FBI spokesman Douglas Astralaga as their source.

Police raided wrong Alabama house searching for shooting suspect: FBI | Reuters
Published on www.reuters.com | shared via feedly
A manhunt for the suspected killer of three men near Auburn University in Alabama led police and federal authorities to raid the wrong house Monday night, an FBI spokesman said on Tuesday.

Police and the Federal Bureau of Investigation were searching for Desmonte Leonard, 22, the prime suspect in Saturday's shooting in which two former Auburn University football players were killed and a current player was wounded.

Police fired tear-gas cartridges into a house in Leonard's hometown of Montgomery, about 55 miles from Auburn.
Via Reuters.

It gets even better. During the standoff last night, someone created a fake Twitter account under the name @DesLeonard and began tweeting as if he were in the attic of the home that police surrounded.

According to various reports on Twitter and Facebook, authorities were briefly fooled by the account, believing that their suspect was actually tweeting from the account. Twitter later removed the account, but not before officials attempted to determine whether or not the account was genuine.

It gets better still. Leonard's street name is "Woosie." Click here if you want to see what friends and associates of Woosie have offered since he was identified as the suspect in the fatal shooting Saturday night. Warning: There's foul language at the link, and you will likely be disgusted by the attitudes of our youth.

Their parents must be so proud.


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