Saturday, February 18, 2012

Behind (and Above) the Scenes at the BCS National Championship with Sports Illustrated

By: @LivingCrimson

Simon Bruty/SIAlabama fan Patrick Hall, co-founder of, covered the Crimson Tide’s fourteenth national championship on the sidelines with the Sports Illustrated crew. The result is an interesting perspective on sports photography, including interviews with the photojournalists who snapped some of the iconic photos from this year’s “Super Bowl” of college football.

  • John Biever, the most experienced of the crew, has photographed every single Super Bowl dating back to 1967.
  • Simon Bruty shot the entire game from the 250 foot high catwalk looking straight down on the field.
  • Damian Strohmeyer chronicled the visible dejection on the LSU sideline.
  • Al Tielemans captured the last Tide touchdown by Trent Richardson.

Hall’s great video is filled with Bama photos not included in the SI photo gallery and video scenes from the BCS title game in close-up point of view. If you’re a photography hobbyist like me, the technical aspects are fascinating.

Plus, any video chronicling the beatdown of LSU in New Orleans is always a good video on this blog.

Don’t miss the full Fstoppers article here, it’s definitely worth the read.

Sports Illustrated photo gallery here.  (H/T to @WoollyAl)


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