Tuesday, January 31, 2012

ANNOUNCEMENT: The officially UNOFFICIAL Fax Cam is back!

The University of Alabama decided not to bring back its somewhat controversial live video feed of the football department’s fax machine. Apparently, some pantywaist elsewhere in the Southeastern Conference complained to the league office, muttering something about skirts and a competitive advantage. As a result, the UA athletic department cancelled the 2012 show.

Not to worry, Bama fans and football fanatics everywhere. Via BAMS Radio, a live video feed will be broadcast from the website starting at 7:00 am and broadcast continuously until the last papers are in.

You can tune into the broadcast by visiting the BamsRadio.com website.

UPDATE: In response to email and DM's: The answer is YES. There will be eye candy and YES, it will be SFW. That's how we roll.

We’re expecting to hear news that each of the standouts below will join the Alabama Crimson Tide’s 2012 squad, with perhaps a surprise or two!

Name Position Ht Wt Stars
Ryan Anderson LB 6'3" 250
clip_image001 clip_image001[1] clip_image001[2] clip_image001[3]
Dakota Ball DT 6'2" 292
clip_image001[4] clip_image001[5] clip_image001[6]
Deion Belue DB 6'0" 170
clip_image001[7] clip_image001[8] clip_image001[9]
Chris Black WR 5'11" 170
clip_image001[10] clip_image001[11] clip_image001[12] clip_image001[13]
Landon Collins DB 6'0" 199
clip_image001[14] clip_image001[15] clip_image001[16] clip_image001[17] clip_image001[18]
Amari Cooper WR 6'1" 175
clip_image001[19] clip_image001[20] clip_image001[21] clip_image001[22]
Denzel Devall LB 6'2" 236
clip_image001[23] clip_image001[24] clip_image001[25] clip_image001[26]
Travell Dixon DB 6'2" 200
clip_image001[27] clip_image001[28] clip_image001[29] clip_image001[30]
Kenyan Drake RB 6'1" 195
clip_image001[31] clip_image001[32] clip_image001[33] clip_image001[34]
Kurt Freitag TE 6'3" 245
clip_image001[35] clip_image001[36] clip_image001[37]
Casey Gladney WR 6'1" 177
clip_image001[38] clip_image001[39] clip_image001[40]
Brandon Greene OL 6'6" 280
clip_image001[41] clip_image001[42] clip_image001[43] clip_image001[44]
Adam Griffith K 5'11" 175
clip_image001[45] clip_image001[46] clip_image001[47]
Caleb Gulledge OL 6'4" 255
clip_image001[48] clip_image001[49] clip_image001[50]
Tyler Hayes LB 6'3" 215
clip_image001[51] clip_image001[52] clip_image001[53] clip_image001[54]
Brandon Hill OL 6'6" 352
clip_image001[55] clip_image001[56] clip_image001[57]
Cyrus Jones ATH 5'11" 183
clip_image001[58] clip_image001[59] clip_image001[60] clip_image001[61]
Darren Lake DT 6'3" 330
clip_image001[62] clip_image001[63] clip_image001[64]
Dillon Lee LB 6'4" 220
clip_image001[65] clip_image001[66] clip_image001[67] clip_image001[68]
Alec Morris QB 6'3" 235
clip_image001[69] clip_image001[70] clip_image001[71]
Darius Philon DE 6'1" 282
clip_image001[72] clip_image001[73] clip_image001[74]
Reggie Ragland LB 6'4" 245
clip_image001[75] clip_image001[76] clip_image001[77] clip_image001[78]
Geno Smith DB 5'11" 180
clip_image001[79] clip_image001[80] clip_image001[81] clip_image001[82]
Alphonse Taylor DT 6'6" 340
clip_image001[83] clip_image001[84] clip_image001[85]
Justin Taylor RB 5'10" 205
clip_image001[86] clip_image001[87] clip_image001[88]
Eddie Williams ATH 6'4" 204
clip_image001[89] clip_image001[90] clip_image001[91] clip_image001[92] clip_image001[93]
T.J. Yeldon RB 6'2" 205
clip_image001[94] clip_image001[95] clip_image001[96] clip_image001[97] clip_image001[98]
Player rankings via Rivals.com.

NOTE: This broadcast is in no way associated with the University of Alabama athletics department and is operating without the endorsement or permission of the University of Alabama.
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