Saturday, August 27, 2011

Sheridan responds: Statement regarding NCAA statement

Tit for tat. Shot for shot.

The bizarre story gets even more bizarre, day by day.

Here is Danny Sheridan’s statement—responding to the NCAA’s statement yesterday—regarding the Cam Newton recruitment and the NCAA’s Auburn investigation.

"The NCAA statement about me is total propaganda and an absolute misrepresentation of the facts. For the record, I do have sources at the NCAA and that's why the organization has chosen to shoot the messenger.

"The NCAA called me through my attorney and requested an interview. I spoke with two NCAA investigators last Wednesday for almost an hour. I was consistent with them as I have been with the media and the public in refusing to divulge my sources.

"I also politely declined to share the name of the individual I have been told gave money to Cecil Newton. For the NCAA to claim I did anything else is specious, deceitful, disingenuous and completely false. I will be happy to take a polygraph test on these specific issues and challenge them to do so as well."

I frankly think the NCAA screwed up with yesterday’s statement, in which it not only copped to the fact that there is an active and ongoing investigation, it’s an “Auburn investigation.” That’s the first time we’ve seen an official statement from the league that they are knee deep in the process of investigating the 2010 National Champs.

What’s interesting is that when Paul Finebaum asked Sheridan whether he had knowledge of whether the school was being investigated for matters other than the Newton story, Sheridan’s attorney would not let him answer. It makes you go “hmmm.”

What’s also interesting to me is that the Mobile Press-Register’s Randy Kennedy has been reporting’s coverage of this story. Kennedy is no wet-behind-the-ears beat writer or sports reporter. He’s the Sports Editor for one of the largest daily newspapers on the Gulf Coast.

But he’s always been a newshound at heart and he appears to be having fun doing his job.

Exit Question: Randy, when are you going to get Twitter?


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