Monday, July 25, 2011

Outkicking the Coverage

In the game of football, outkicking the coverage is a busted special teams play in which the kicker or punter kicks the ball too low and too fast for his coverage team to keep up with it. This lets the receiving team organize a more effective return, often leading to game changing plays.



Whoops. Looks like somebody outkicked their coverage. Sorta like a bad lawyer asking the witness a question without already knowing the answer.

Helmet tap to @HunterLJohnson for the pic.

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sakau2007 said...

This doesn't look photoshopped at all. lol.

Tider said...

@sakau2007 if you'd look at the reflection in the glass you could tell it's real and it has been up there for at least a dozen years.......desperation deflection attempt noted.......and failed

sakau2007 said...

So, just to get your story straight, the University of Alabama sent a cease and desist letter for not selling memorabilia? Right?

David L. said...

And the store complied. So, what else y'all got for ol' Clay? A fishing trip or a free laptop, or something?

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