Monday, July 25, 2011

BAMBI gives Clay Travis a Thumper?

Clay Travis, owner of the recent upstart website,, has recently written several blog posts discussing Alabama football players and their clothes. We aren't really sure why Clay is so obsessed with the attire of Alabama football players, but he does seem to have a hard-on for the young men of Alabama and their fashion.
One would think that because of Clay's obsession with young men and their clothing, he would have been the one to do the initial digging into the issue. Well, he wasn't. It was the Bunker, aka BAMBI (Bureau of Auburn Message Board Investigators). Apparently the Bunker, and its many BAMBI agents, all share Clay's obsession with young Alabama men and their clothes. You can clearly see from these message board screenshots exactly where the plan was hatched and the information discovered...

This post from the Bunker was made on July 21, 2011, which is prior to Clay Travis' first article published about the Alabama football player's clothing habits.

So, how does a message board post get all the way up the ladder to such an esteemed blog as Mr. Travis’ Well, you’re in luck. Through our double secret agents deep within BAMBI, we have received the actual transcript of the Google chat conversation between one BAMBI agent and Clay Travis.
Begin transcript
BAMBI agent: Hey, Clay. We have a HUGE story about Alabama. You interested in breaking it?
Clay: I'm listening.
BAMBI agent: Well it appears a black football player at the University of Alabama has a lot of clothes.
Clay: Seriously? A BLACK football player has a lot of clothes?
BAMBI agent: YES! Can you believe it?
Clay: How can we prove it?
BAMBI agent: we have pictures of him in LOTS OF DIFFERENT CLOTHES.
Clay: Can you send me the pictures right away?
BAMBI agent: ygm
Clay: Oh, wow! JACK POT BABY!!! Wow, there are so many clothes. This is unreal. There is no way a black Alabama football player can have that many clothes.
BAMBI agent: I know, right? Glad we’re on the same wavelength. He’s got to be cheating.
Clay: We’ve got to expose this. The NCAA must find out about this! We have a duty to keep blacks from owning this many clothes and I’ll make damn sure I’m on top of these young men exposing this as hard as I can.
BAMBI agent: Excellent, Clay. If we come across any more pictures of young black Alabama men in clothes, we’ll shove your inbox full of our stuff.
Clay: Shove away!
End of transcript.

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Griffin Gulledge said...

Trying to make this about race is pretty weak IMO. Some of your black players come from fine, wealthy families. Some come from families without as much money (such a Julio). Don't be like that.

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