Saturday, March 5, 2011

Hannah Storm: Too hot, or not?

image Larry Brown thinks it’s too HAWT.

I disagree.  I think Ms. Storm is a solid professional who also happens to be a very attractive woman. I also think there is a very ugly double standard developing here, where men on the set are expected to display masculinity by being aggressive in arguing their point, while women on the set are expected to be…  well, what? Mousy?

Storm is professional in her interactions with on-set subjects. She addresses the matter she’s dealing with and gets to the point. So what if we’re wondering how much farther the skirt can ride or the Vee can plunge?

Aren’t we human?  Aren’t we supposed to like what we see?

The fact of the matter is this: Both men and women are interested in sports. We all want to know the score. We want to know the reason behind the score. Why did LeBron lay down? Why didn’t the Steelers’ defense live up to billing? Why did Oregon’s offense not show more of Kelly’s pizzazz and/or wizardry?

Does it matter if a hot fella or a hot gal is doing the interview?

A lot has been similarly written about the totally HAWT babes on Fox News. Who cares if they’re gorgeous, as long as they ask the right questions and get the answers that people want to hear? Megyn Kelly is teh HAWT, but God be with you if she thinks you’re an idiot, because by the end of the segment, the rest of the audience is gonna agree with her.

Do we really care whether it’s man or a woman asking the questions, and do we really care whether it’s too HAWT or NAWT? Well, I think we care on both accounts.

Sports and sports media are businesses. They’re both about selling a product.

In business, you exploit every advantage you own. Gosh, sounds a lot like a football game where you have the best offensive line in the league and you think you ought to RUN THE BALL, doesn’t it? Well, God forbid you have the best front court in basketball and you want to post up your bigs on every play, right?

Ain’t fair.

A company I do a lot of business with spends a bunch of time and money making the business seminar/conference circuit. One of their team members is a SMOKING HAWT woman with large breastesses, perfect hair and absolutely magnificent eyes. She makes people stop by the booth, pick up brochures and talk to her. What comes out of her mouth is an incredibly informative and professional spiel about the company she works for. The woman knows the technical aspects of her business and can tell you exactly why her company is the best in the business, but she also knows why people are stopping.

She’s using her advantages.  Like I’d say to Ms. Storm, more power to ya, honey.

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